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Great Location, BARGAIN price between Santa Ana and Santiago

BARGAIN PRICE!!! Excellent opportunity to invest in this property in a great location: between Santa Ana and Santiago! Remodel this... TY-005623

Price: $40,000 USD

Your next workshop, industrial size storage

Owner is asking $800,000 pesos. Great opportunity for those seeking for a large storage south west of centro. Also suitable... TY-005278

Price: $43,000 USD

Fixer upper in Chembech - La Plancha area

Seller is asking $1,199,000 pesos mexicanos, price reflected in USD is merely an estimation according to exchange rate. This is... TY-005769

Price: $59,000 USD

Affordable living south west of Centro, partial remo required, with garage

Seller is asking $1,300,000 pesos This house from the late 70´s is in good shape as It does not require... TY-005277

Price: $68,000 USD

Excellent property ready to remodel!

With a lot of potential this house is just 10 minutes from the Cathedral of Mérida! It has 2 bedrooms... TY-005697

Price: $70,000 USD

Huge lot and construction to remodel or build near Merida.

In Caucel and just 30 minutes from the Merida city is this magnificent property that could become your business investment... TY-005388

Price: $75,000 USD


LOT FOR SALE OF 504m2 IN THE CITY CENTER | MEJORADA AREA Irregular polygon of 10 meters in front of... TY-005722

Price: $78,300 USD

A little colonial gem in Garcia Gineres

A good opportunity to remodel a house with an original Colonial accent. The house has an old half original construction... TY-005518

Price: $79,000 USD

Casa de la tía Tete, inexpensive renovation, Santiago

Seller is asking $1,599,000 pesos Good opportunity to buy a Fixer upper with an easy renovation. Give it away price.... TY-005578

Price: $79,000 USD

Magnificent Opportunity in North Merida - Chuburna de Hidalgo

Very well located with a good sized lot and great potential to remodel near 60 North Street. The house has... TY-005353

Price: $89,000 USD

A house or a business in Motul Centro?... perfect location!

This building is ideal for your new house, or your new business, or both! Just minutes to walk to Centro.... TY-005242

Price: $89,900 USD

Great Location with a good piece of land in SANTIAGO

Great location with a good piece land in SANTIAGO. It has a construction that can be remodeled preserving its masonry... TY-005457

Price: $90,000 USD

Little house to remodel near the Santa Ana Park!

Little house to remodel in excellent location. Located in the Historic Center very close to the Parque de Santa Ana... TY-005516

Price: $92,500 USD

Great opportunity to remodel in Santiago

Very located with good potential and with a privileged location in the center and close to Garcia Gineres. The construction... TY-005369

Price: $95,000 USD

An excellent opportunity. Near the Plancha and Chembech.

Parque de la Plancha and Chembech are sought-after areas that are being requested by clients who know that the value... TY-005478

Price: $95,000 USD

Spacious property very close to La Ermita Park

Spacious property very close to the Historic Center. The property has an existing construction in front with very good foundations... TY-005633

Price: $99,290 USD

Don't think it twice - Corner location in Santiago

Very well located with good potential and near Santiago's park with good bones. This great property is selling at a... TY-005134

Price: $105,000 USD

One in SANTIAGO to remodel

A house with a lot of potential to remodel and at a great price. The location is one fo the... TY-005455

Price: $119,000 USD

Casa de la Guaya y del Tamarindo, near Paseo de Montejo

The owner asking $2,400,000 MXN, price in USD is an aproximate according to the currency exchange rate althoug the seller... TY-005787

Price: $120,000 USD

On the 60 to 4 streets from the Emita Park to restore!

This house with modern construction is located to the south of the cathedral of Mérida, 4 blocks from La Ermita... TY-005776

Price: $125,000 USD

Location, location, location!!! | House ready to be restored by you!!! | 2 blocks from Paseo de Montejo

Surrounded by incredible restored homes, this property is waiting for you. Unbeatable location, just 2 blocks from Paseo de Montejo,... TY-005801

Price: $130,000 USD


Tierra Yucatan presents: La Casa Roja de Mejorada, is a house to remodel in the emblematic neighborhood of Mejorada, near... TY-005837

Price: $140,000 USD

Opportunity knocks twice! - Great opportunity to remodel

Very well located with good potential and within a privileged location in Merida's downtown and close to Garcia Gineres. The... TY-005355

Price: $149,000 USD

Enchanted House. Between Santa Ana and Paseo de Montejo.

Originally built on 2 stories and with a colonial French style, this house is perfect for those who look a... TY-005664

Price: $149,000 USD

Home with big lot, Downtown Izamal

Great location close to Convento and Piramide Kinich Kak Mo'. Livable but easy to improve and upgrade. Lovely lot with... TY-005701

Price: $149,000 USD

The Lawyer's Corner

Close to Mejorada's neighborhood sits this cute property, ideal for those looking to remodel something small yet comfortable to be... TY-003522

Price: $150,000 USD

Excellent for remodeling Excellent location - SANTIAGO

Excellent house to re-model in excellent location, the house is old masonry and has three rooms dining room and kitchen... TY-005449

Price: $159,000 USD

What a great location in Izamal Centro!

This is one of the most high-profile locations in Izamal Centro, across the street from the entrance to the main... TY-005252

Price: $169,900 USD


A stone´s throw from Santana Park, this Historic Center house is ready to be reinvented. You can retire to a... TY-005563

Price: $170,000 USD

Ave Reforma 3 Bedroom to Remodel! Historic Center

Good Bones- Location, location! House to remodel in one of the best parts of the Historic Center, Avenida Reforma- Close... TY-005584

Price: $175,000 USD

Amazing Colonial Fixer Upper steps from San Juan

Colonial fixer upper just a few steps from the Arch of San Juan. House Features: -Double height ceilings -Garage -Pasta... TY-005806

Price: $175,000 USD

House to remodel near the Iberica park!

House to remodel in super location! Just a few blocks to Santa Ana Park and Paseo Montejo. Likewise, a few... TY-005506

Price: $179,000 USD

Centro, centro, centro Izamal!

It doesn't ge more "Centro" than this historic house, located right across the street from the Izamal city offices, and... TY-005216

Price: $179,900 USD

Colonial Fixer Upper in Merida Centro - Remodel to your Taste!

Very well located and with great potential for remodeling near Santana. This house is very close to Paseo de Montejo... TY-005619

Price: $180,000 USD

Half a block from Paseo Montejo!

Excellent location! Half a block from Paseo Montejo and 3 blocks from Parque de Santa Ana. The property is in... TY-005634

Price: $209,000 USD


LA CASA DE LOS ABUELOS located in the historic center of the city of Merida, is a house to restore... TY-005870

Price: $212,500 USD

Remodel to your taste in Colonia Mexico - A unique piece in an exclusive Area!

A magnificent property located in colonia Mexico, you can remodel it to your taste! Ideal for home or business and... TY-004843

Price: $225,000 USD

Incredible house with original and colorful pasta tile floors and high ceilings in Barrio de Santiago, Centro | BIG LOT

Incredible mansion for sale in Barrio de Santiago with large lot, waiting for you to be restored. A hard to... TY-005824

Price: $230,000 USD

Historic Casona in Tekax

Welcome to Tekax! This majestic colonial-style home is steeped in history as well as fine architectural finishes. This emblematic house... TY-005775

Price: $250,000 USD

Huge Lot with House to Remodel close to Santiago

This property with a huge lot located near Santiago neighborhhod is a magnificent opportunity to invest in this beautiful city... TY-005440

Price: $255,000 USD

Valladolid Terra Cotta....

This old Colonial red home has charming Spanish Colonial details. Its three connecting front rooms lead to two spacious rooms... TY-001404

Price: $295,000 USD

Beautiful colonial house in Santiago with original pasta floors!

Beautiful colonial house with more than 100 years old! This property is ready to remodel to your liking. In the... TY-005763

Price: $307,000 USD

Great Itzimna Home w. Beautiful Arch. Detail - BIG LOT!

With more than 600 m2 of land this house is ready to be renovated. Use it as you wish as... TY-005175

Price: $345,000 USD

Boutique hotel potential big Mid-Century property in Santiago - Reforma

Seller is asking $6,990,000 pesos mexicanos, price reflected in USD is merely an estimation according to exchange rate. This is... TY-005770

Price: $347,500 USD

House to remodel half a block from Paseo Montejo!

House to remodel in Merida Centro, very close to Paseo Montejo. The land is quite big and the location is... TY-005504

Price: $468,210 USD

Casona in Barrio Santiago! (five blocks from the Plaza Grande)

Are you looking for a property in the heart of one of the safest cities in the world? Within one... TY-005873

Price: $599,999 USD

Majestic Colonial With Permit for 8 Levels- Important Centro Corner

Prime Real Estate for Hotel in Centro! Permitted for seven or eight storey construction, and has both commercial and residential... TY-005573

Price: $600,959 USD