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Great Location, BARGAIN price between Santa Ana and Santiago

BARGAIN PRICE!!! Excellent opportunity to invest in this property in a great location: between Santa Ana and Santiago! Remodel this... TY-005623

Price: $40,000 USD

Your next workshop, industrial size storage

Owner is asking $800,000 pesos. Great opportunity for those seeking for a large storage south west of centro. Also suitable... TY-005278

Price: $43,000 USD

Property in the town of chuburna puerto

House for remodeling located in Chuburna Puerto, as you can see the house needs work and the owners thought always... TY-005426

Price: $50,000 USD

Casa de la Naranja, Chembech-La Plancha

Seller is asking $1,070,000 pesos mexicanos, price reflected in USD is merely an estimation according to exchange rate. This is... TY-005768

Price: $53,000 USD

Fixer upper in Chembech - La Plancha area

Seller is asking $1,199,000 pesos mexicanos, price reflected in USD is merely an estimation according to exchange rate. This is... TY-005769

Price: $59,000 USD

Cute two bedroom town home - Nice yard!

This cute yet practical home is located in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of the city, The living... TY-005265

Price: $62,500 USD

Affordable living south west of Centro, partial remo required, with garage

Seller is asking $1,300,000 pesos This house from the late 70´s is in good shape as It does not require... TY-005277

Price: $68,000 USD

Casa del Zapote near barrio San Cristobal

Seller is asking $1,390,000 pesos 1 bedroom with walking-closet, full bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, walking-pantry, loft / study,... TY-005746

Price: $69,900 USD

Comfortable, Lovingly Maintained in Quiet Residential Neighborhood!

Completely remodeled house 7 min. from the historic center of Mérida! This two-level property has a 9 m front by... TY-005774

Price: $72,500 USD

Opportunity! Land in Historic Center near Santa Ana Park!

Great opportunity! Corner lot located in the Historic Center of Merida Yucatan. Very close to the Santa Ana Park! Ideal... TY-005586

Price: $73,800 USD

Casa las Tejas - Brisas

Beautiful house at an incredible price in a quiet area with great potential. Two storey Mexican style house well located.... TY-005035

Price: $79,000 USD

Casa de la tía Tete, inexpensive renovation, Santiago

Seller is asking $1,599,000 pesos Good opportunity to buy a Fixer upper with an easy renovation. Give it away price.... TY-005578

Price: $79,000 USD

Great opportunity & potential in Yucalpeten neighborhood

Great property with good location a lots of potential on quiet street, just a few minutes from Malls, supermarkets and... TY-005591

Price: $79,000 USD

Modern Two Storey Home in La Hacienda, Chuburna

This home is tucked away from the noise and traffic on a quiet street in Colonia Chuburna and almost like... TY-002694

Price: $80,000 USD

Excellent property ready to remodel!

With a lot of potential this house is just 10 minutes from the Cathedral of Mérida! It has 2 bedrooms... TY-005697

Price: $80,000 USD

Magnificent Opportunity in North Merida - Chuburna de Hidalgo

Very well located with a good sized lot and great potential to remodel near 60 North Street. The house has... TY-005353

Price: $89,000 USD

Great Location with a good piece of land in SANTIAGO

Great location with a good piece land in SANTIAGO. It has a construction that can be remodeled preserving its masonry... TY-005457

Price: $90,000 USD

Little house to remodel near the Santa Ana Park!

Little house to remodel in excellent location. Located in the Historic Center very close to the Parque de Santa Ana... TY-005516

Price: $92,500 USD

Remodeled retail space in paseo de montejo!

Excellent commercial premises in the heart of the city of Merida. Plaza Centro del Paseo is one of the first... TY-005756

Price: $93,600 USD

Spacious house in Garcia Gineres with beautiful pasta floors

Spacious 2-level home with beautiful original pasta floors in the sought-after Col. García Gineres. Near the Historic Center. It has... TY-005628

Price: $94,500 USD

Great opportunity to remodel in Santiago

Very located with good potential and with a privileged location in the center and close to Garcia Gineres. The construction... TY-005369

Price: $95,000 USD

An excellent opportunity. Near the Plancha and Chembech.

Parque de la Plancha and Chembech are sought-after areas that are being requested by clients who know that the value... TY-005478

Price: $95,000 USD

Casa Gaby

Comfortable house located in the northeast of the city, just 20 minutes from the Historic Center and 30 minutes from... TY-004583

Price: $95,500 USD

Spacious property very close to La Ermita Park

Spacious property very close to the Historic Center. The property has an existing construction in front with very good foundations... TY-005633

Price: $99,290 USD

Don't think it twice - Corner location in Santiago

Very well located with good potential and near Santiago's park with good bones. This great property is selling at a... TY-005134

Price: $105,000 USD

Mexican Casita 3 blocks from Mejorada park and church

Walking distance to Parque de la Mejorada and priced to sell your dream home in Merida awaits, call today to... TY-005420

Price: $105,000 USD

Studio 604 - Peaceful Retreat in La Ermita

Just a few steps from the beautiful park and church of La Ermita, is located this cute and lovely renovated... TY-005462

Price: $109,000 USD

A few blocks from the Cathedral!

In a quiet residential neighborhood east of the Historic Center, but very convenient and close to the Mejorada neighborhood. The... TY-005606

Price: $110,000 USD

Colnial Home in Santiago - Old beamed ceilings!

Very well located with great potential to remodel close to Santiago. The house has a good piece of land with... TY-005597

Price: $115,000 USD

One in SANTIAGO to remodel

A house with a lot of potential to remodel and at a great price. The location is one fo the... TY-005455

Price: $119,000 USD

Vintage Home in the heart of Merida

Welcome to a fabulous home only steps from Santiago Park, The Zoo, Main Central Plaza and fifteen minutes from the... TY-005659

Price: $119,000 USD

Perfect Pied- A -Terre in Centro - Cute One Bedroom

Very very cute remodeled and upgraded home in a quiet part of Centro - with parking and room for a... TY-005361

Price: $119,900 USD


The owner asking $2,400,000 MXN, price in USD is an aproximate according to the currency exchange rate althoug the seller... TY-005787

Price: $120,000 USD

Yellow cottage in Santiago, fully furnished

This Cute Cottage in the heart of Mérida is perfect for those seeking tranquility, comfort and location. Only a few... TY-005592

Price: $124,900 USD

On the 60 to 4 streets from the Emita Park to restore!

This house with modern construction is located to the south of the cathedral of Mérida, 4 blocks from La Ermita... TY-005776

Price: $125,000 USD


House located in corner with double access in the north of the city in Loma bonita Xcumpich, close to shopping... TY-005472

Price: $128,000 USD

Casa Pitahaya in Historic Center, Calle 66 Barrio Santa Ana

Beautiful colonial house to remodel Town House type in the heart of the Historic Center of La Ciudad Blanca. Located... TY-005671

Price: $130,000 USD

House FOR SALE in Col. Alemán

Corner House well maintained in Col. Miguel Alemán. The house has 2 levels and a small apartment in the back... TY-005646

Price: $130,900 USD

New Loft, Walk to Alemán Park, 5 min drive from Centro!

Two bedroom one bath home now under construction in the quiet residential neighborhood of Jesús Carranza! Modern design and finishes,... TY-005549

Price: $132,500 USD

Beautiful and Spacious Home in North Merida

Beautiful and spacious 2-story home in North-Merida This house is ready to move in within a short time of being... TY-005330

Price: $135,000 USD

Great Opportunity in Colonia Buenavista - Take advantage of this one!

Excellent location with great potential for a simple remodel/upgrade near Paseo de Montejo.. The house is on a quiet street... TY-005657

Price: $135,000 USD

House or Office in Reforma

As it is, it is a perfect office on the last block of Reforma across from the Almendros mansion. Built... TY-001982

Price: $140,000 USD

Brand new modern home with Garage close to Centro and avenida Itzaes

This stunning brand new home near Merida Centro is perfect for those seeking tranquility, wider streets, comfort location and a... TY-005565

Price: $140,000 USD

House for sale in Col. Monte Alban

House for sale in one of the most exclusive areas in the north of Merida Yucatan. Very close to the... TY-005546

Price: $140,500 USD

Remodel it to your taste! - Los ¨Pinos

The property is in Remodeling Situated in the north of the city this well located home has it all. Street... TY-004867

Price: $145,000 USD

Opportunity knocks twice! - Great opportunity to remodel

Very well located with good potential and within a privileged location in Merida's downtown and close to Garcia Gineres. The... TY-005355

Price: $149,000 USD

Enchanted House. Between Santa Ana and Paseo de Montejo.

Originally built on 2 stories and with a colonial French style, this house is perfect for those who look a... TY-005664

Price: $149,000 USD

The Lawyer's Corner

Close to Mejorada's neighborhood sits this cute property, ideal for those looking to remodel something small yet comfortable to be... TY-003522

Price: $150,000 USD

Huge Lot and very close to Plaza Santiago

Very well located with good potential to remodel near Santiago. The house is located on a quiet street and has... TY-005145

Price: $150,000 USD

Nikte Townhouses

Located in one of the most exclusive areas with the highest added value in the north of Mérida, Temozon norte,... TY-005681

Price: $150,000 USD


CASA PITAHAYA | CENTRO is located just four blocks from Paseo de Montejo Avenue on 39th Street, you will love... TY-005717

Price: $151,500 USD

VIA MONTEJO - Your next apartment in Meridas most important development

One of the most important developments in the city is Via Montejo. Offering a new gastronomic, entertainment, health and fashion... TY-005177

Price: $153,000 USD

House to remodel near the Iberica park!

House to remodel in super location! Just a few blocks to Santa Ana Park and Paseo Montejo. Likewise, a few... TY-005506

Price: $154,181 USD

Fabulous Contemp. Town Houses Xanthe-Col. S. Ramon

These Townhouses must be seen! They are Contemporary architecture at its best, constructed with high ceilings, wonderfully light spacious rooms,... TY-002116

Price: $157,500 USD

Peace and Quiet in Garcia Gineres - Merida

Very well located and with good potential, this property is in a privileged area in Garcia Gineres. In general, the... TY-005318

Price: $159,000 USD

Excellent for remodeling Excellent location - SANTIAGO

Excellent house to re-model in excellent location, the house is old masonry and has three rooms dining room and kitchen... TY-005449

Price: $159,000 USD

Townhouse and apartments! In Kuro - Temozon Norte

Presale, but running out - Smart investment! 4 Town House models for December 2021, and 4 apartment models for January... TY-005680

Price: $160,000 USD

Your new home in Jesus Carranza neighborhood

Come to brand new this house to celebrate the end of this year 2020, currently under construction. This proposal considers... TY-005616

Price: $162,000 USD

Ave Reforma 3 Bedroom to Remodel! Historic Center

Good Bones- Location, location! House to remodel in one of the best parts of the Historic Center, Avenida Reforma- Close... TY-005584

Price: $164,300 USD

The bakers house/Great lot to build your project.

More than 600 square meters of Lot with all the possibilities to grow this enormous property. The house is immaculate... TY-005692

Price: $165,000 USD

Casa Santa Cecilia, Excellent Location and Ready to Move In

Located in a privilege area, on a quiet street, a few blocks from Paseo de Montejo and near the Barrio... TY-005762

Price: $169,900 USD


A stone´s throw from Santana Park, this Historic Center house is ready to be reinvented. You can retire to a... TY-005563

Price: $170,000 USD

Smart home - Ananda House

If you are thinking of a life of comfort, beauty and added value this is your best option; since it... TY-005679

Price: $177,500 USD

Your new home in La Ermita neighborhood

In the quiet neighborhood of La Ermita, this house is in a splendid state of conservation. It has been remodeled... TY-005747

Price: $178,000 USD

Colonial Fixer Upper in Merida Centro - Remodel to your Taste!

Very well located and with great potential for remodeling near Santana. This house is very close to Paseo de Montejo... TY-005619

Price: $180,000 USD

Modern home with huge lot, close to centro and avenida Itzaes

This stunning new renovation is located very close to Itzaes avenue. It is perfect for those seeking for a big... TY-005559

Price: $190,000 USD

Four bedrooms 3.5 baths, quiet N Merida location, Monterreal

House for sale in one of the best located residential subdivisions in the north of Mérida Yucatán. The subdivision is... TY-005567

Price: $190,000 USD

High Ceilings in Santa Ana - Huge lot!

Beautiful colonial house in Mérida in a great location with good potential and in a desirable location in the historic... TY-005621

Price: $190,000 USD

House in Santiago - two blocks from the Cathedral!

This colonial house, in the heart of the Historic Center, of the city of Mérida is an excellent investment not... TY-005691

Price: $190,000 USD

2 Houses together in Centro Histórico!

Two houses together in Centro Histórico. They are not sold separately. Ideal location. Across from Parque Iberica. One block away... TY-005627

Price: $192,800 USD

Downtown Offices - Remodel to Suit! C52 x 55

Here is a large amount of space in the heart of the Historic Center - suitable for offices, bodega or... TY-003606

Price: $195,000 USD

Contemporary style house in Col. Aleman

Contemporary style house in Col. Alemán. The property is located on a main avenue that runs through the entire city... TY-005645

Price: $200,000 USD

Spectacular brand new 4 Bedroom home in Dzitya

Seller is asking $3,800,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to changes according to international currency rates without further... TY-005231

Price: $205,000 USD

Half a block from Paseo Montejo!

Excellent location! Half a block from Paseo Montejo and 3 blocks from Parque de Santa Ana. The property is in... TY-005634

Price: $209,000 USD


The front room of this lovely old colonial in Centro is an internet café with 10 stations. Behind this thriving... TY-002140

Price: $210,000 USD


Beautiful Casona completely restored in the neighborhood of San Juan, Historic Center of the city. Interesting Casona with an unbeatable... TY-005718

Price: $210,000 USD


BEAUTIFUL HOUSE FOR SALE IN MONTES DE AME Lot size: 300m2 Construction: 233m2 REDUCED PRICE!!! $4,300,000 MEXICAN PESOS House with... TY-005728

Price: $215,000 USD

Remodel to your taste in Colonia Mexico - A unique piece in an exclusive Area!

A magnificent property located in colonia Mexico, you can remodel it to your taste! Ideal for home or business and... TY-004843

Price: $225,000 USD

Bella Vista

A new one story home north of the city, in one of the sought-after area to live in peace, security... TY-003752

Price: $227,000 USD

Dream Oasis in Centro - Beautifully restored & Great Location

Restored colonial home located in the area of Santiago. Preserving its authentic original details such as wooden doors, pasta tiles,... TY-005562

Price: $229,000 USD

A spacious house with a BIG lot - Santiago

A spacious house with a lot of opportunity in Merida Centro / Santiago. More than 500 m2 of land with... TY-005564

Price: $229,000 USD

La Ermita House, ready to Move in!

In the very quiet neighborhood of La Ermita is located this house, completely remodeled and with all the comforts of... TY-005448

Price: $237,000 USD

Beautiful 4 BR Home,very quiet residential street in Col. San Ramon Norte

San Ramón Norte, one of the most desirable residential areas of Mérida. The private street has only 4 houses so... TY-005566

Price: $238,255 USD

Great Commercial Investment in Progreso

Excellent opportunity to invest in a commercial area in the Port of Progreso whose main attractions are: - The best... TY-003569

Price: $242,000 USD

Casa Alegria- Singing Color in Santa Ana

Three bedroom, three bath in Santa Ana... This lovely, happy home was remodeled 16 years ago with new plumbing, electricity... TY-005765

Price: $245,000 USD


In Chuburna, La Noria, a quiet neighborhood in the North of the city, is located this really big property -... TY-005062

Price: $249,000 USD

Hidden Beauty Near Mejorada - Merida Centro

Located near the Mejorada, and Chembech market, this old house, is considered a historical monument, it retains some elements such... TY-005328

Price: $249,000 USD

La Hacienda Nueva - Designer's Personal Home

This lovely light-filled two bedroom Colonial home sits on an irregular lot - wider at the back, and is designed... TY-005665

Price: $249,000 USD

Modern Restoration steps from Paseo de Montejo

This unique house offers an artful blend of sleek lines, structural integrity and clean aesthetic, structures work together to showcase... TY-004641

Price: $250,000 USD

House and Land with Cenote at an Unbeatable Price!

Beautiful property and newly built northwest of the city with easy access to the periferico, Tec Milenio University and Sports... TY-005257

Price: $250,000 USD

Temozon Norte/ Large Land of 1500 m2.

The main features of this property are: Unbeatable location and excellent value to build your splendid residence or apartments to... TY-005091

Price: $253,900 USD

Huge Lot with House to Remodel close to Santiago

This property with a huge lot located near Santiago neighborhhod is a magnificent opportunity to invest in this beautiful city... TY-005440

Price: $255,000 USD

Great Location in Santa Ana - with a Garage!

This two story older home has totally new wiring and plumbing and - rare in Centro- a garage! The owner... TY-005480

Price: $259,000 USD

Casa Pitahaya

A true jewel between Centro and Garcia Gineres, carefully restored from top to bottom, preserving its original detail with a... TY-005644

Price: $259,000 USD

Casa Itzimna - Brand New, Stylish, Modern in Central Merida!

New Contemporary in ITZIMNA! Beautiful contemporary home in Itzimna, only one block away from the park. Magnificent historic neighborhood close... TY-005668

Price: $259,900 USD

Thinking about a commercial opportunity in North Merida?

Attention investors, this is the opportunity you were waiting to transport and / or locate your business in a strategic... TY-003334

Price: $262,000 USD



Price: $263,400 USD

House of the Virgin, Close to Santa Ana and Paseo Montejo

Newly remodeled 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, and with new plumbing and electric. Large kitchen for the gourmet chef. This... TY-001931

Price: $265,000 USD

Eco-home...Totally Unique! Live Green!

This home is a truly amazing example of how we CAN live in harmony with nature - even in the... TY-003203

Price: $275,000 USD

Cathedral View -Furnished Remodeled Duplex

Duplex + Income Located just two blocks from the historic center of Merida, this beautiful property has 4 bedrooms with... TY-003251

Price: $275,000 USD


VILLA FOR SALE IN COLONIA CHUBURNA, MERIDA Beautiful cpuntry style 2 storey house with a large plot of land within... TY-005710

Price: $275,500 USD

House next to la Iberica park just a few blocks to Paseo de Montejo!

Excellent location! Comfortable and ideal for family gatherings, this house is in very good condition, completely renovated located next to... TY-005670

Price: $280,000 USD

House Of The Angel - Close to Plaza Santa Ana

This 2 bed 2 1/2 bath beauty has been redone, and has all new plumbing and electric. With its large... TY-001929

Price: $285,000 USD

Hacienda Multunkuc In Merida, less than 20 min from downtown!

Seller is asking $5,750,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to currency exchange rates without further... TY-005414

Price: $287,500 USD

Spacious house on avenue Camara de Comercio

Spacious 2-level house on avenue Cámara de Comercio, which is one of the main arteries in the north of Mérida.... TY-005637

Price: $291,900 USD

Land in Altabrisa for residential use

Land for sale in Col. Altabrisa. One of the best residential areas in the city for its security, location and... TY-005636

Price: $292,500 USD

House to remodel in Barrio de Santa Ana. Great location!

House to remodel in the prestigious neighborhood of Santa Ana. Great location! Close to the main tourist attractions of the... TY-005502

Price: $293,000 USD

Large Old House for Offices or Bodega

Total remodel necessary to make this abandoned commercial space into exactly what you need - offices, bodegas etc. Great location... TY-003607

Price: $300,000 USD

Beautiful colonial house in Santiago with original pasta floors!

Beautiful colonial house with more than 100 years old! This property is ready to remodel to your liking. In the... TY-005763

Price: $307,000 USD

Classic Beauty at north Merida

Traditional style combined with modern style characterizing the properties in the north of the city. This property in a great... TY-003776

Price: $312,000 USD

La Haciendita - Large land, fish farming, orchard

Owner asking: $ 6'200,000 MXN Beautiful country house located a few minutes from the city of Merida, very close to... TY-005244

Price: $312,221 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 5,000 m2 exclusivity

Half a hectare of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20... TY-003672

Price: $316,000 USD

Beautifully Restored Colonial Home - Great location just a few blocks from Santiago Park

Beautifully restored historic home and with great location in the area of Santiago just a few blocks from the park.... TY-005595

Price: $319,000 USD


Totally remodeled and designed by Henry Ponce, this spacious home is situated on a 392.4 square meters lot with 446... TY-004369

Price: $330,000 USD

Mexican Style Home in Centro looking for some TLC!

Excellent property and with great location on the popular Avenue Reforma. Close to the “Slow Food” market that has become... TY-005453

Price: $335,000 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 5,097.94 m2 exclusivity

5,097.94 m2 of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20 minutes... TY-003688

Price: $339,000 USD

BIG DISCOUNT: - Spacious and Open in the center of Merida

Beautiful property FOR SALE with a unique style and beautiful details, located in the heart of the city of Merida,... TY-005250

Price: $339,000 USD

Contemporary home with garage in Santiago

Location, location! Just a few blocks from Santiago Square. This lovely modern home, built a few years ago to US... TY-005539

Price: $339,000 USD

Great Itzimna Home w. Beautiful Arch. Detail - BIG LOT!

With more than 600 m2 of land this house is ready to be renovated. Use it as you wish as... TY-005175

Price: $345,000 USD

Boutique hotel potential big Mid-Century property in Santiago - Reforma

Seller is asking $6,990,000 pesos mexicanos, price reflected in USD is merely an estimation according to exchange rate. This is... TY-005770

Price: $347,500 USD

Casa El Remanso, perfect location Santa Lucia

IMPORTANT: viewings for this property are only authorized on Fridays, between 10.30 and 13.00 HRS Stunning and move-in ready, three... TY-005399

Price: $349,000 USD

Turn key Santa Lucia Colonial Beauty, spectacular location

This luxurious house is located in the most desirable Barrio de Santa Lucia in Centro just a short walk from... TY-005469

Price: $349,000 USD

Spacious one level house in Col. Montes de Amé

Spacious one level house in one of the best located areas of Merida Yucatan. The house is ideal for families... TY-005572

Price: $349,297 USD

Casa Bandera, luxury home in Santiago with garage

Opportunity, reduced from $459,000 USD Modern colonial on a quiet street. Central location six blocks from Mercado Santiago. House features... TY-005398

Price: $350,000 USD


Perfect and quiet location in the Heart of Merida Located in a private street and residential area in Col.Itzimna or... TY-005785

Price: $350,000 USD

Contemporary and well located - north of Merida

Great location in one of the most popular areas in north of Merida, Montes de Ame. A few blocks from... TY-003773

Price: $356,000 USD

La Valentina. / Very large, superb location!

This home has it all because it is semi-restored and has a huge yard and numerous bedrooms distributed throughout the... TY-004377

Price: $375,000 USD

Top Notch Amazing home in Santa Lucia

Specifications and ammenities: 2 Bedrooms + Studio (Studio could also be used as a third bedroom) 2 Bathrooms Interior courtyard... TY-005464

Price: $375,000 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 6,000 square meters of exclusivity

6,134 square meters of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20... TY-003675

Price: $382,000 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 5,861 m2 exclusivity

5,861 m2 of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20 minutes... TY-003687

Price: $387,000 USD

Santa Ana, Impressive Two Storey with Garage

Impressive Two Story Colonial with great outdoor space and a garage to park your car! Situated between Santa Lucia and... TY-005442

Price: $390,000 USD

El vitral-Esplendido ubicación para casas o negocio

Beautiful and charming House in ITZIMNÁ Elegant and Traditional Neighborhood with a particular lifestyle since it combines great Residences with... TY-004957

Price: $395,000 USD

Great Location and Style!

This big and well-cared for family home is steps from Prolongacion Montejo - definitely one of Merida's most sought-after areas... TY-001399

Price: $397,000 USD

Grand Colonial in Barrio de la Ermita

Step into this spectacular colonial property, an impeccable new construction and design conveniently located in Ermita neighborhood and walking distance... TY-005731

Price: $399,000 USD

Casa K´iin - Prime location near Santiago & Ready to move in

Stunning restored colonial home in the heart of the center of the city, just a few blocks from beautiful Santiago... TY-005362

Price: $399,000 USD

Itzimna Luxury Community Living, Last Unit available CASA 5

Last one available! ITZIMNA LUXURY COMMUNITY LIVING Last Unique residence number 5 located in a compound consisting in 9 homes... TY-005433

Price: $399,000 USD

Itzimna Luxury Community Living, Last Unit available CASA 5

Last one available! ITZIMNA LUXURY COMMUNITY LIVING Last Unique residence number 5 located in a compound consisting in 9 homes... TY-005434

Price: $399,000 USD

Merida's Piece of Heaven - Santa Ana Enchanted House

A true piece of heaven in the Historic Center of Merida, designed and remodeled by renowned Architect Victor Cruz. Great... TY-005394

Price: $399,999 USD

Casa Xolotl, architectural masterpiece in Santiago

IMPORTANT: NO VISITS ARE PERMITTED UNTIL MAY 11 TH 2021, NO EXCEPTIONS. Casa Xolotl has gotten the attention of numerous... TY-005314

Price: $409,000 USD

Amazing Montecristo Villa

Amazing Italian Villa in Merida Norte. This house 85% remodeled (20 year old home) in 2018/2019, with 5kw solar panel... TY-005323

Price: $410,000 USD

Truly convenient apartment on the East side

INCREDIBLE VALUE AT A GREAT LOCATION Truly convenient apartment on the town's East side. This 2 bedroom/1bathroom smaller apartment with... TY-005304

Price: $420,000 MXN


Casa LINEAL is a property located in the center of the city of Merida in the emblematic Barrio de Santiago,... TY-005730

Price: $423,300 USD

Villa Rosa, Downtown architectural Jewel in Santa Ana

Featured in Architectural Digest, Revista Ambientes and also published in other important media, Villa Rosa is the best example of... TY-005507

Price: $425,000 USD

Grand Remodeled Estate Home on 72, Barrio Santa Ana

Villa Isabela - elegant stately home remodeled tastefully in keeping with the original architecture. Perfect location a few blocks from... TY-005649

Price: $425,000 USD

A Once in a Lifetime opportunity

Yucatan's explosive growth and especially Merida's boom, has created a unique opportunity in offering this INDUSTRIAL PLANT on the road... TY-001758

Price: $445,000 USD

House to remodel half a block from Paseo Montejo!

House to remodel in Merida Centro, very close to Paseo Montejo. The land is quite big and the location is... TY-005504

Price: $468,210 USD

Col. Mexico! Spacious house in excellent location.

Spacious house located in a corner in Col. México. In one of the best areas of the city due to... TY-005581

Price: $474,956 USD


Casa CEIBA is a property located in the center of the city of Merida in the emblematic Barrio de Santiago,... TY-005764

Price: $493,870 USD

For Romantics Only! Hacienda Sacnicte, close to Merida

Yes, this is waiting for the romantic in you.....everything remains to be done, but what potential! Very close to Merida... TY-004877

Price: $500,000 USD

Casona Las Grullas - Exquisite and tasteful in Barrio Santiago

Casona “Las Grullas” is a magnificent renovation in barrio Santiago, carefully designed to preserve its colonial details, with an avant-garde... TY-005436

Price: $500,000 USD

Great Location - Perfect for your Business or Dream Home

Great property with potential for business in Gineres Garcia, near a large commercial area of the city, Avenue Itzaes and... TY-002765

Price: $512,000 USD

Casa Los Mil Amores, Ancient and Modern

This grand old Colonial home with beautiful antique woodwork, high ceilings and lovely old pasta tile floors, lovingly restored throughout... TY-005067

Price: $595,000 USD

3 houses in 1, Incredible investment in Barrio de Santiago

This contemporary designed, recently build at Barrio de Santiago, stone throw from Parque de la Iberica is the ultimate combination... TY-005782

Price: $599,999 USD

Majestic Colonial With Permit for 8 Levels- Important Centro Corner

Prime Real Estate for Hotel in Centro! Permitted for seven or eight storey construction, and has both commercial and residential... TY-005573

Price: $600,959 USD


In Santa Ana neighborhood, with a privileged location, and very close to the Santa Lucía and La Mejorada parks, you... TY-005733

Price: $649,000 USD


Attention investors. You who are thinking of investing in Merida. This is your chance. Now that Merida is within the... TY-005082

Price: $750,000 USD

Top Rated Merida B&B, Historic Center!

Top rated on TRIVAGO, TRIP ADVISOR, BOOKING.COM - charming, well-located in the heart of the touristc part of the Historic... TY-005477

Price: $750,000 USD

Casa Araguaya, Boutique hotel potential in Santa Ana neighborhood

Seller is asking $14,950,000 pesos mexicanos, price reflected in USD is an estimation according to exchange rate. Casa Araguaya is... TY-005767

Price: $750,000 USD

Great Original Casona with French Accent

Past July, Fortune magazine named Yucatan one of the top six best places to invest in the whole world…and what... TY-004734

Price: $800,000 USD

Be the king of this castle - Breathtaking mansion in the heart of Merida´s Historic Center

Grand and Majestic colonial home in unbeatable location, close to the areas of Santa Ana and Santa Lucia. This colonial... TY-005677

Price: $819,000 USD

Exclusive Hacienda Home In the Heart of Merida

One of a kind - hundred year-old hacienda home with remarkably beautiful antique details. The home has been professionally restored... TY-004742

Price: $849,900 USD

Spectacular La Ceiba home, Palmas Double Lot

Spectacular residence on two large lots at the end of a private cul-de-sac in La Ceiba.. Soaring ceilings in entrance... TY-005280

Price: $894,900 USD

La Casa Verde of the White City!

"La Casa Verde" is a beautiful colonial-style house located in the best area of the Barrio de Santa Ana, just... TY-005503

Price: $895,000 USD

Commercial Building - Huge lot on Main Avenue

Extraordinary administrative offices with storage and warehouse, with a lot area of ​​3379 m2 and a building area of ​​225... TY-003978

Price: $944,500 USD

Sweet property on the corner of calle 47

This is a big house it has three separate constructions in the same property, one of them is facing the... TY-005319

Price: $950,000 USD

La Marquesa - Queen of Merida's Historic Center

This magnificent home is located in Santa Ana, one of the most popular and best-located neighborhoods in all of historic... TY-005383

Price: $975,000 USD


INCREDIBLE PROPERTY FOR SALE IN COLONIA ALCALA MARTÍN With more than 2,000 m2 of land, this emblematic house of contemporary... TY-005737

Price: $1,058,300 USD

Prime Commercial Property

Commercial Investment property. Located in Kanasin, just off of Merida's periferico. This is one of the next areas around Merida... TY-003638

Price: $1,107,500 USD

HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! Hacienda Dzoyola, 1 km SE of Merida!

This beautiful restored hacienda is the perfect size and location for a family home - or for a boutique hotel!... TY-004297

Price: $1,150,000 USD

Busy Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Merida!

Owner is willing to finance with 40% down and yearly payments of 30% over a two year span and there... TY-003480

Price: $1,200,000 USD

Land for sale for residential development in Altabrisa

Excellent land for sale of 3473 m2 for residential development in Altabrisa, one of the most prestigious areas of this... TY-005635

Price: $1,203,000 USD

Remarkable Work of Art on Park of Col. Mexico

This absolutely spectacular home is a one-of-a-kind artwork by international award winner Salvador Reyes and only recently finished after three... TY-003644

Price: $1,220,000 USD

Historic Hacienda Perfect for Home or Boutique Hotel! North Medrida

Your hacienda in Merida! Fabulous private home - the restored Casa Principal of historic Ex- hacienda XCumpich. This unique house... TY-004246

Price: $1,800,000 USD

“Los Aluxes” Manor - An Exclusive Luxury

Somewhat discrete in one of the most traditional and sought-after areas known as Itzimna in the city of Merida, you... TY-005666

Price: $2,000,000 USD

Build Your Own Paradise in North Merida!

This 2.2 hectares of land located a couple of minutes outside of Merida is perfect for a wonderful big home... TY-002220

Price: $2,732,900 USD

Yuc-Mich: Two Hectare Country Estate Close to Progreso

This incredible property has never before been offered for sale; with 100m of frontage on the Merida-Progreso highway, the two... TY-003821

Price: $3,500,000 USD