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Nice lot just north of Izamal

This lot is just north of Izamal on the main road north (Calle 30) to Tepekan. It has both electricity... TY-005123

Price: $20,000 USD

The Village Store, Tepakan

Cute, clean and simple, ready to be your village home! Plenty of room for pool, garage, tropical gardens in peaceful... TY-003468

Price: $24,000 USD

Deep Lot with Large Trees and Small Construction

Escape Gringolandia and live like a local! Izamal. A deep wooded lot with a small block construction - currently a... TY-005140

Price: $25,900 USD

Nice lot two blocks from Izamal Centro

Build your new home just a couple blocks from Centro on this big, beautiful lot. There are large beautiful trees... TY-005382

Price: $37,900 USD

Great opportunity to remodel near Merida.

Yaxche de Peon is just 40 minutes past the town of Ucu at the exit of the road Merida -... TY-005387

Price: $39,000 USD

Cute casita, good size construction, bargain price, San Sebastian

The owner asking $750,000 pesos. Nice and comfortable 2-story house. Just a few blocks from San Sebastian and La Ermita,... TY-005312

Price: $41,000 USD

My Studio in Merida - Little House

If what you want is a small space to live in the beautiful city of Merida then this should be... TY-005296

Price: $42,000 USD

Opportunity! Excellent land in San Crisanto a few steps from the beach

Great opportunity! Excellent land for sale with palm trees just a few steps from the beautiful beach of San Crisanto.... TY-005495

Price: $42,000 USD

Great opportunity! Land in Telchac Puerto one block from the beach

Great opportunity! Unbeatable Price! Excellent land located in a corner in Telchac Puerto, just one block away from the beach.... TY-005498

Price: $42,958 USD

Your next workshop, industrial size storage

Owner is asking $800,000 pesos. Great opportunity for those seeking for a large storage south west of centro. Also suitable... TY-005278

Price: $43,000 USD

Marianita's House

No need to spend more money! This house is for you if you are looking for a good price. Very... TY-004783

Price: $45,000 USD

Casa de la Abuela, great fixer upper, upcoming neighborhood

The owner asking $999,000 pesos. Casa de la Abuela is located in one of the most peaceful and quiet neighborhoods,... TY-005568

Price: $45,000 USD

Sweet Country Cottage w. Orchard

So sweet! On a quiet back street of the traditional little Maya town of Tekanto - one room a thatched... TY-003300

Price: $47,500 USD

The Old Cine: Huge Country Lot with Old Construction

Tepakan.... Lovely Maya village close to Izamal! This was once the outdoor cinema still remembered by older village residents and... TY-005489

Price: $47,500 USD

Big beautiful lot in Izamal

A fantastic, large lot on the edge of Izamal ready for your new house. The property has electricity and potable... TY-005103

Price: $48,000 USD

Nice bodega for your new business...and your home?... on the edge of Izamal

This huge building is perfect for starting your new business, as well as possibly your home. There's plenty of room... TY-005335

Price: $49,500 USD

Property lot a few blocks from the sea of chabihau

Sun everywhere nice lot with a small construction, located in Chabihau a couple blocks from the beach access and the... TY-005309

Price: $50,000 USD

Property on Calle 11-Chuburna Puerto

House for remodeling located in Chuburna Puerto, as you can see the house needs work and the owners thought always... TY-005426

Price: $50,000 USD

Small house on the main entrance to Izamal Centro

This tidy little house is on Calle 31, just three blocks from Centro as you enter Izamal. Certainly livable as... TY-005226

Price: $53,500 USD

Nice remodel in Izamal Centro

This charming house in Izamal Centro has been almost completely remodeled. From the street view, almost everything is new: iron... TY-005259

Price: $53,900 USD

Izamal: Great layout and nice property just waiting to be built out!

This beautiful property is located on a quiet back street in Izamal, but yet only a couple minute drive to... TY-005363

Price: $54,900 USD

For romantic and lovers of nature !!

We offer you a beautiful fraction of tropical rainforest, isolated, of 61 hectares of native vegetation with ancient and large... TY-004278

Price: $55,000 USD

Izamal - Large Lot 1 Hectare

Great place to build your new home! Just on the outskirts of Izamal and big enough for complete privacy, fruit... TY-005418

Price: $55,000 USD

Opportunity! Land in Historic Center near Santa Ana Park!

Great opportunity! Corner lot located in the Historic Center of Merida Yucatan. Very close to the Santa Ana Park! Ideal... TY-005586

Price: $56,735 USD

Big lot in Komchen

LOT OF OPPORTUNITY FOR SALE IN KOMCHEN OF 3000 m2 -The seller is asking $ 1,100,000 pesos. - Lot in... TY-005178

Price: $57,000 USD

Fixer Upper in Santa Ana, 5 blocks from Montejo

Seller is asking $1,100,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without previous... TY-005476

Price: $57,000 USD

Location Location, Great little casita in Garcia Gineres!

Don't miss this opportunity in Garcia Gineres Garcia Gineres is one of the most beautiful Colonias in Merida. This house... TY-005308

Price: $58,500 USD

Nice house near Izamal centro ready to move into

This tidy house is ready to move into, but you'll probably want to invest a little TLC to make it... TY-005336

Price: $58,500 USD

Yucalpeten House In front of the park.

Surface 8 mts. front x 22 mts. deep. 176 square meters 2 bedrooms 1 new bathroom New kitchen Living room... TY-005090

Price: $59,000 USD

Excellent land in residential area north of Cholul

OPPORTUNITY $ 1,750 pesos m2 The seller is asking $ 1,099,000 pesos for each lot. The price in US dollars... TY-005470

Price: $59,000 USD

Cute two bedroom nice yard town home

This Cute and practical home is located in a quiet neighborhood at west side of the city, the living room... TY-005265

Price: $62,500 USD

Fixer upper in Santa Ana, good location

Seller is asking $1,550,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without further... TY-005560

Price: $64,000 USD

X'Pich - Ideal for a remote retreat on the Yucatan. $65,000 USD

Amidst the Yucatan forest, between colonial Valladolid and the Caribbean coast, this property boasts a small cavern and a huge,... TY-003933

Price: $65,000 USD

Beautiful Ocean View - Two Bedroom Condo in Chuburna Puerto

Beautiful Ocean View! Nice apartment located in front of the beautiful beaches of Chuburná Puerto. Due to its location it... TY-005317

Price: $65,000 USD

Casa en Telchac Puerto on main avenuel!

Colonial style house for sale in Telchac Puerto. Excellent location, located on paved main avenue and only 2 blocks away... TY-005508

Price: $66,345 USD

House to remodel in Telchac Puerto Yucatan

House to remodel in Telchac Puerto in commercial avenue. Premium location The property is located 2 blocks away from the... TY-005485

Price: $67,500 USD

Jungle, wildlife, charm and cenote

A beautiful nature area to enjoy the charm of the Maya lands. Just 20 minutes south of the colonial city... TY-003378

Price: $68,000 USD

Affordable living south west of Centro, partial remo required, with garage

Seller is asking $1,300,000 pesos This house from the late 70´s is in good shape as It does not require... TY-005277

Price: $68,000 USD

In Front of The Church

"Turn key" small house in Valladolid, right across San Juan church and its little plaza. Enjoy the colonial Yucatan life... TY-002356

Price: $72,000 USD

Huge lot and construction to remodel or build near Merida.

In Caucel and just 30 minutes from the Merida city is this magnificent property that could become your business investment... TY-005388

Price: $75,000 USD


Esta casa se encuentra en Saciabil, un barrio tranquilo en el extremo sur de Valladolid. A un paso de escuelas,... TY-004238

Price: $75,860 USD

Cute house to restore with large garden with palm trees in Telchac Puerto!

House to remodel with large garden with palm trees in one of the best beaches of the Yucatecan coast. The... TY-005510

Price: $76,222 USD

Fixer upper with garage near CHEMBECH and LOURDES in CENTRO

The owner asking $1,480,000 pesos. Nice and comfortable 2-story house in Centro. Just a few blocks from Chembech market and... TY-005341

Price: $77,000 USD

Little house to remodel near the Santa Ana Park!

Little house to remodel in excellent location. Located in the Historic Center very close to the Parque de Santa Ana... TY-005516

Price: $78,238 USD

As Good A It Get´s - Convenient Location + Garage

Convenient location on quiet street with few traffic and no buses, close to supermarkets, the bus station, the zoo and... TY-004349

Price: $79,000 USD

Casa las Tejas - Brisas

Beautiful house at an incredible price in a quiet area with great potential. Two storey Mexican style house well located.... TY-005035

Price: $79,000 USD

Casa de la tía Tete, inexpensive renovation, Santiago

Good opportunity to buy a Fixer upper with an easy renovation. Give it away price. The existing structure of the... TY-005578

Price: $79,000 USD

Great opportunity & potential in Yucalpeten neighborhood

Great property with good location a lots of potential on quiet street, just a few minutes from Malls, supermarkets and... TY-005591

Price: $79,000 USD

Modern Two Storey Home in La Hacienda, Chuburna

This home is tucked away from the noise and traffic on a quiet street in Colonia Chuburna and almost like... TY-002694

Price: $80,000 USD

Drastic Reduction!! Off-Grid Eco-Retreat near Chichen Itza!

NO TRUST REQUIRED to buy this Mayan retreat, located 8 km. north of Yaxcaba, Yucatan, offering 20.7 hectares of wooded... TY-004966

Price: $82,500 USD

Land for sale in one of the best locations of Telchac Puerto!

Attention developers or investors. Land for sale at an unbeatable price with excellent dimensions to make a project in one... TY-005496

Price: $83,000 USD

REDUCED! A Block from the Convent, Colonial Izamal!

And with Maya ruins at the end of the garden! The house is perhaps 40 years old, block-built, but steps... TY-004822

Price: $84,500 USD

Amazing place in the land of Zac Mutul

Great opportunity to live in this wonderful village of great Motul tradition! Just 30 minutes from Merida and 30 minutes... TY-004825

Price: $84,500 USD

Unique opportunity near Izamal Centro: Apartments, Business, and Home!

This is a fantastic opportunity to live and work on this very unique property. An office at the front of... TY-005119

Price: $84,900 USD

Spotless and Perfect, Ready to Move in- NEW 3Br 2 Ba!

Only lived in for six months!!! New construction in Gran Santa Fe, with all the upgrades - three mini-splits, window... TY-005186

Price: $84,900 USD

Rancho Ocontun - Unexplored Cenote + 46 Hectares

Forty six hectares of virgin jungle - no construction- with a recently discovered cenote and a large cave possibly forming... TY-003786

Price: $85,000 USD

NO TRUST REQUIRED! 24 Hectares Close to Chichen Itza!

Buy in your own name! 59 acres (24 hectares) of land, all private property, close to Chichen Itzá, with 175... TY-004722

Price: $85,000 USD

San José Kuché 4000 square meter lot, North of Merida

Big lot located in the main road towards Chablekal, right in the path of development between Merida and the beach.... TY-004995

Price: $85,000 USD

Location location, Perfect commercial space in Santa Ana

Seller is now asking $1,790,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without... TY-005403

Price: $85,000 USD

Cute cottage in Mérida North, Vista Alegre

Nice and quiet location at an affordable price. This house is located in the north part of the city in... TY-004773

Price: $86,500 USD

Izamal´s most perfect lot for the Boutique Hotel you´ve been dreaming about

Dreaming about reconnecting with nature and disconnecting from civilization. This property is truly what you have been looking for, walking... TY-004644

Price: $89,000 USD

Magnificent Opportunity in North Merida - Chuburna de Hidalgo

Very well located with a good sized lot and great potential to remodel near 60 North Street. The house has... TY-005353

Price: $89,000 USD

A Gem in la Ermita, newly restored

The seller is asking for $ 1,650,000 pesos. The price in US dollars is subject to change according to the... TY-005471

Price: $89,000 USD

A pyramid in your front yard? Almost....

This large house is right across the street from the largest, most famous pyramid in Izamal, Kinich Kakmo….and only one... TY-005251

Price: $89,500 USD

A house or a business in Motul Centro?... perfect location!

This building is ideal for your new house, or your new business, or both! Just minutes to walk to Centro.... TY-005242

Price: $89,900 USD

Comfortable house in Tizimin

This comfortable house is ready to be enjoyed. Located on the North side of town, is easily accesible from everywhere... TY-004930

Price: $91,500 USD

Opportunity in Col. Itzimná!

Great opportunity! House for sale in the coveted Col. Itzimná. Very well located, a few steps from the Itzimná park,... TY-005582

Price: $91,537 USD

Land for sale in second row in the beautiful beach of San Benito!

Attention investors! Two lots for sale of 10 m by 40 m in second row, a few steps from the... TY-005521

Price: $91,973 USD

Casa Maya - Your Merida Home And/Or Popular AirBnB Rental

Cute as a button, fully furnished with two terraces and small back garden with dipping pool. The location is great... TY-005491

Price: $92,000 USD

Hidden Heaven on Quiet Centro Street

Just remodeled top to bottom, with much new construction! This two bedroom three bath home sparkles and the deep lot... TY-004082

Price: $94,000 USD

Condo unit 2A - Small new condo development a few steps from the sea!

New two bedroom ground floor condominium unit a few steps from the sea in Progreso. Lovely modern building with excellent... TY-005536

Price: $94,254 USD

Condo Unit 3A - new small development a few steps from the sea!

Two bedroom two bath ground floor unit a few steps from the sea of the port of Progreso. This pretty... TY-005537

Price: $94,254 USD

Great Fixer-upper with good bones - Santiago neighborhood

Great fixer-upper with good bones, ideal for your next renovation project. Privileged location between Santa Ana and Santiago neighborhoods. Built... TY-005237

Price: $94,500 USD

Beach Duplex with Large Lot

New duplex 150 meters from pristine beaches with room to build. Beautiful views of ocean from 2nd flr. apartment. Live... TY-002736

Price: $95,000 USD

Two for the Price of Just One!

Very good potential and well located near La Ermita neighborhood with huge lot. These two properties are sold together at... TY-004443

Price: $95,000 USD

Great opportunity to remodel in Santiago

Very located with good potential and with a privileged location in the center and close to Garcia Gineres. The construction... TY-005369

Price: $95,000 USD

An excellent opportunity. Near the Plancha and Chembech.

Parque de la Plancha and Chembech are sought-after areas that are being requested by clients who know that the value... TY-005478

Price: $95,000 USD


Built on 2 floors, this house offers endless possibilities for investors looking for a business opportunity in Merida. The house... TY-005454

Price: $96,000 USD

Huge Lot with Salon de Fiestas in Cansahcab

This very large lot is on a quiet back street in the charming country town of Cacalchen, 45 minutes from... TY-005430

Price: $97,500 USD

Three adjacent oceanfront lots in Santa Clara

Reduced from $120,000 USD Santa Clara is just one hour north east of Merida, overlooking the beautiful emerald waters of... TY-005111

Price: $99,000 USD

Pre-Sale Miramar Condos in Chicxulub

UNIT A - First and Second Level - 125 M2 Units for sale: 15 Pre-Sale Price $ 2,100,000.00 pesos Total... TY-005302

Price: $99,000 USD

IZAMAL....Great Property !!!!! Option Three

Option Three: Stables ready for horses breeding N This could be yours with the listing TY-2964 for $595,000 USD having... TY-002966

Price: $100,000 USD

Casa del Hueso- Totally Redone Top to Bottom!

Two bedrooms, two and one half baths plus one car garage! The walls of this home are several hundred years... TY-002201

Price: $105,000 USD

Lots and land in Merida-Progreso (3)

3 Property lots (30 x 70) in the locality of Xcunyá. 5 minutes driving from the Merida-Progreso highway. This is... TY-004903

Price: $105,000 USD

Don't think it twice - Corner location in Santiago

Very well located with good potential and near Santiago's park with good bones. This great property is selling at a... TY-005134

Price: $105,000 USD

Pretty house in Vista Alegre Norte, minutes from Altabrisa

Beautiful house in Vista Alegre Norte. The seller asks for $ 1,990,000.00 pesos. The price in US dollars is subject... TY-005401

Price: $105,000 USD

Mexican Casita 3 blocks from Mejorada park and church

Walking distance to Parque de la Mejorada and priced to sell your dream home in Merida awaits, call today to... TY-005420

Price: $105,000 USD

Garcia Gineres Best Deal - Cutie on Quiet Street

Definitely one of the best options on the market in the area of Garcia Gineres. Excelente and unbeatable location on... TY-004951

Price: $107,000 USD

Great Location with a good piece of land in SANTIAGO

Great location with a good piece land in SANTIAGO. It has a construction that can be remodeled preserving its masonry... TY-005457

Price: $109,000 USD

Studio 604 - Peaceful Retreat in La Ermita

Just a few steps from the beautiful park and church of La Ermita, is located this cute and lovely renovated... TY-005462

Price: $109,000 USD

Cutie in Blue - Great location & great potential just 4 blocks from Santiago Square

Excellent potential and with great location in a very privileged area just 4 blocks from Santiago Square. Very few properties... TY-005086

Price: $110,000 USD

Excellent land a few steps from the beach of Telchac Puerto!

Excellent land a few steps from the beautiful beach of Telchac Puerto. Unbeatable location. Ideal to make a beautiful beach... TY-005493

Price: $110,244 USD

House for sale in Col. México excellent location!

House for sale in Col. México, very well located, just 3 blocks from Av. Libano and very close to the... TY-005577

Price: $111,334 USD

Chicxulub - Great Lot!

1056 sq. meters total, just 70 meters from the beautiful Gulf beaches. No need to wait longer if you're planning... TY-001586

Price: $112,000 USD

150 meters from the sea in Chixulub Puerto!

Spacious brand new house in Chixulub Puerto! Just 150 m from the sea. The house is a 2 storey building... TY-005589

Price: $113,500 USD

Opportunity near Merida's Downtown

Just a few blocks from Santa Ana and Santiago and at a good price this 2-storey house is ready for... TY-005348

Price: $115,000 USD

Great lot - Price of Opportunity!

More than 500 m2 of land with all the possibilities of doing the construction you want in the best area... TY-005431

Price: $115,000 USD

6 hectares with cenote

On the highway and 10 minutes past the small town of Buctzotz at, km 109; these 6 hectares of livestock... TY-005513

Price: $115,000 USD

Colnial Home in Santiago - Old beamed ceilings!

Very well located with great potential to remodel close to Santiago. The house has a good piece of land with... TY-005597

Price: $115,000 USD

Gran Santa Fe, Great Opportunity !!

Wonderful house located in Gran Santa Fe, one of the best developments in the North of the City, near parks,... TY-005484

Price: $115,800 USD

New Construction, Walk to Alemán Park, 5 min drive from Centro!

Two bedroom one bath home now under construction in the quiet residential neighborhood of Jesús Carranza! Modern design and finishes,... TY-005549

Price: $117,000 USD

Fantasy House in Chixulub Puerto!

Just one block away from the sea. In one of the main ports on the Yucatan coast. A 2 storey... TY-005590

Price: $118,200 USD

PRICED TO SELL Comfortable House - Unbeatable Location (live Summer All Year Round!)

live Summer all year round! In this comfortable home situated in Chicxulub to just two blocks from the beach; unbeatable... TY-004497

Price: $119,000 USD

Peace and Love, Colonia Aleman - 2 bdr, 2 bth Unique Home

Nice newly remodeled house, located in Colonia Alemán. Colonia Aleman is located 10 minutes from Merida's dowtown, it is a... TY-005389

Price: $119,000 USD

The Advantages of living in a Condo with the Privacy of a House - Pre-sale!

Beautiful and new development located in the area of Chicxulub, just 5 minutes from the Progreso pier and 400 meters... TY-005112

Price: $119,000 USD

One in SANTIAGO to remodel

A house with a lot of potential to remodel and at a great price. The location is one fo the... TY-005455

Price: $119,000 USD

Old Historic home on large lot in Centro

This is an interesting older house on a large lot on one of the main corners in beautiful Izamal Centro.... TY-005122

Price: $119,900 USD

Excellent land with small construction in Telchac Puerto!

Great land for sale with a small existing construction just 2 blocks away from the beautiful beach of Telchac Puerto.... TY-005494

Price: $123,000 USD

House to remodel in Barrio de Santa! A few steps from Paseo Montejo!

House to remodel in super location! Just a few blocks from Santa Ana Park and Paseo Montejo. Likewise, a few... TY-005506

Price: $124,550 USD

Yellow cottage in Santiago, fully furnished

This Cute Cottage in the heart of Mérida is perfect for those seeking tranquility, comfort and location. Only a few... TY-005592

Price: $124,900 USD

Condo 1 A of prestigious building for sale a few steps from the sea!

Condominium for sale on ground floor a few steps away from the sea of the port of Progreso. Condo 1... TY-005535

Price: $124,915 USD

You won´t believe your eyes! - Huge lot + Colonial Home

You have to see to believe! Colonial house and huge lot in one property. Excellent location in the Center and... TY-005266

Price: $125,000 USD

The House of Fruit Trees - Quiet street, good size lot

Sellers asking: $2'300,000 MXN Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without further notice.... TY-005342

Price: $127,000 USD

Beach home with rental studio

Nice two story 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. The upper level with great view of the sea. Located in Progreso, close... TY-005465

Price: $130,000 USD

Property to remodel a few steps from Paseo Montejo

Property to remodel in the Historic Center of Mérida. Just a few steps from Paseo Montejo and Avenida Reforma that... TY-005569

Price: $130,500 USD

Sale of complete land or by fraction in Telchac Puerto!

Land for sale a few steps from the beautiful beach of Telchac Puerto. This property is an excellent option because... TY-005490

Price: $134,000 USD

Beautiful and Spacious Home in North Merida

Beautiful and spacious 2-story home in North-Merida This house is ready to move in within a short time of being... TY-005330

Price: $135,000 USD

Perfect Pied- A -Terre in Centro - Cute One Bedroom

Very very cute remodeled and upgraded home in a quiet part of Centro - with parking and room for a... TY-005361

Price: $135,000 USD


6.8 acres in a good location. Right on the "ring road", on the NW side of town, with 1,150feet road... TY-005115

Price: $138,000 USD

Blank canvas between Centro & Garcia Gineres - Good bones for your next proyect in good area

Don’t be fooled by appearances, this could be the opportunity that you were waiting for to have a blank canvas... TY-005087

Price: $138,900 USD

Big beautiful house in Izamal just waiting to be finished out

This big, beautiful house is new, solid construction that only needs to be built out to fulfill a homeowners dream.... TY-005211

Price: $139,500 USD

House or Office in Reforma

As it is, it is a perfect office on the last block of Reforma across from the Almendros mansion. Built... TY-001982

Price: $140,000 USD

Incredible Location, Incredible Home!


Price: $140,000 USD

Incredible property a few steps from the Hacienda Dzoyaxche

Owner asking: $ 2'600,000 MXN Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without further... TY-005273

Price: $140,000 USD

Spacious house in Barrio de Santa Ana ready to remodel as you like!

The house is located in the prestigious Barrio de Santa Ana. Just 3 blocks from Paseo Montejo and the. Col.... TY-005575

Price: $140,088 USD

House for sale in Col. Monte Alban

House for sale in one of the most exclusive areas in the north of Merida Yucatan. Very close to the... TY-005546

Price: $140,500 USD

Excellent opportunity just 2 blocks away from the beach

Seller has priced the property at 2,650,000 pesos and the price in dollars will adjust depending on the rate of... TY-005483

Price: $144,000 USD

IZAMAL....Great Property !!!!! Option Two

Option Two: Nice country house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, study, living room and large gardens could be a good... TY-002965

Price: $145,000 USD

Remodel it to your taste! - Los ¨Pinos

The property is in Remodeling Situated in the north of the city this well located home has it all. Street... TY-004867

Price: $145,000 USD

Casa Sunset - Beautiful Beach Villa in Chuburna Port

2 story home and with a fresh and summer all year round style, this beach villa is ready to turn... TY-005417

Price: $145,000 USD

Casa Paraíso - Just 1 Block from the Beach

Comfortable and newly remodeled; just one block from the beautiful beach of Yucalpeten this beautiful property is ready to occupy.... TY-004057

Price: $145,900 USD

Big two story house in Chabihau (off the beach)

The fix price of the house is $2,660,000 pesos MXN. Price in USD is subject to change according to international... TY-004100

Price: $146,000 USD

Beautiful Beachfront Land 35m x 70m, All Papers in Order!

What could be more perfect? Incredible beach at an incredible price. The two remaining side-by-side lots, letters F (20m x... TY-002335

Price: $148,000 USD

Very nice modern home North of Merida

Spacious and upgraded Brisas home, 3270 sq feet with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Room for your private office, study,... TY-005307

Price: $149,000 USD

Your new house? Or your new business? 3 blocks from Izamal Centro!

This house was originally purchased to be converted to a restaurant/sports bar. Much of it has been remodeled. New tile... TY-005289

Price: $149,900 USD

Sunshine In Santiago! Perfect Small House on Quiet Street

Absolutely the cutest and brightest! Sold fully furnished except for a few artworks, and in a great quiet location a... TY-005466

Price: $149,900 USD

The Lawyer's Corner

Close to Mejorada's neighborhood sits this cute property, ideal for those looking to remodel something small yet comfortable to be... TY-003522

Price: $150,000 USD

Privada 60

This home is located in quiet Bacalar neighborhood. Its location at the end of a dead end street affords zero... TY-003968

Price: $150,000 USD

Huge Lot and very close to Plaza Santiago

Very well located with good potential to remodel near Santiago. The house is located on a quiet street and has... TY-005145

Price: $150,000 USD

Brand new modern home with Garage close to Centro and avenida Itzaes

This stunning brand new home near Merida Centro is perfect for those seeking tranquility, wider streets, comfort location and a... TY-005565

Price: $150,000 USD

VIA MONTEJO - Your next apartment in Meridas most important development

One of the most important developments in the city is Via Montejo. Offering a new gastronomic, entertainment, health and fashion... TY-005177

Price: $153,000 USD

Pre-Sale Olea Beach Condos Chicxulub

Prices starting at $ 2,800,000 Pesos OLEA DEPARTMENTS It is a development of 32 apartments and 4 penthouses located just... TY-005303

Price: $155,000 USD

Chelem Dream Home

This house, completely remodeled in March 2017. All new 220V wiring, whole house surge protector, inverter air conditioners in every... TY-005322

Price: $155,000 USD

4 Bedroom/3 Bath Huge Mid-Century Home with remodeled kitchen and baths

4 Bedroom/3 Bath Huge Mid-Century Home with remodeled kitchen and baths Seller is asking $2,900,000 pesos. Price in american dollars... TY-005468

Price: $155,000 USD

Fabulous Contemp. Town Houses Xanthe-Col. S. Ramon

These Townhouses must be seen! They are Contemporary architecture at its best, constructed with high ceilings, wonderfully light spacious rooms,... TY-002116

Price: $157,500 USD

Great House already setup to operate a Restaurant in Chuburna Puerto

In perfect shape, this 3 bedroom house is a real opportunity: It could just be a great single family home... TY-005356

Price: $159,000 USD

Excellent for remodeling Excellent location - SANTIAGO

Excellent house to re-model in excellent location, the house is old masonry and has three rooms dining room and kitchen... TY-005449

Price: $159,000 USD

Lovely Location in Central Valladolid- Casa Coronado

This recently built home can be found at the West end of town, in Barrio Sisal. Excellent access via Avenida... TY-003970

Price: $160,000 USD

Underground, pristine cave with cenote!

A 25 minute drive from Valladolid will get you to your own cenote. Sitting on 380 acres of private property,... TY-005116

Price: $160,000 USD

House to remodel in excellent location! Historic Center

House to remodel in one of the best locations in the heart of the Historic Center of La Ciudad Blanca!... TY-005584

Price: $164,300 USD

Land for sale in Progreso, Ideal for a condominium!

Land for sale in one of the best beaches on the Yucatecan Coast. The property is located a few blocks... TY-005523

Price: $164,300 USD

Opportunity knocks twice! - Great opportunity to remodel

Very well located with good potential and within a privileged location in Merida's downtown and close to Garcia Gineres. The... TY-005355

Price: $165,000 USD

Spectacular Five-Bedroom Close to Star Medica/Altabrisa

This lovely five bedroom home in the best part of North Merida features great design- a very practical layout designed... TY-004929

Price: $165,000 USD

New house-Casa los manglares-Chuburna Puerto

Casa Los Manglares in Chuburná Puerto is a newly built property, easily accessible by its two entrances ... just a... TY-005452

Price: $165,000 USD

House for Sale in Fracc. Monterreal, North of Merida

House for sale in one of the best located residential subdivisions in the north of Mérida Yucatán. The subdivision is... TY-005567

Price: $168,200 USD

Property for sale with spacious top floor loft in Telchac Puerto!

Property for sale very close to the beach in Telchac Puerto. Attention investors since this property has different possibilities of... TY-005512

Price: $168,943 USD

What a great location in Izamal Centro!

This is one of the most high-profile locations in Izamal Centro, across the street from the entrance to the main... TY-005252

Price: $169,900 USD


A stone´s throw from Santana Park, this Historic Center house is ready to be reinvented. You can retire to a... TY-005563

Price: $170,000 USD

50 x 200 Meters of beach!

Virgin beachfront lot running from road to water, approx. 200 meters east of the ruins of Mina de Oro hacienda.... TY-004501

Price: $172,500 USD

House to remodel in front of the beach of Telchac Puerto!

House to remodel at an excellent price in front of the beautiful beach of Telchac Puerto. The land is fairly... TY-005486

Price: $173,000 USD


3,476.00m2 of opportunities to enjoy a Country House, one block from the Center of the town. To develop a Quinta... TY-005012

Price: $175,000 USD

Is it a farm or a ranch? Maybe both! Within Izamal!

This is a unique opportunity to possibly raise farm/ranch animals, while tending to your crops. Or not. A huge lot... TY-005107

Price: $178,500 USD

Peace and Quiet in Garcia Gineres - Merida

Very well located and with good potential, this property is in a privileged area in Garcia Gineres. In general, the... TY-005318

Price: $179,000 USD

Centro, centro, centro Izamal!

It doesn't ge more "Centro" than this historic house, located right across the street from the Izamal city offices, and... TY-005216

Price: $179,900 USD

Ground floor gorgeous oceanfront condo in Chelem

Much loved and so many extras - Spectacular panoramic ocean view to north, east and west plus large rooftop terrace,... TY-005400

Price: $179,900 USD

Built on Top of a Maya Pyramid in the Heart of Izamal

This historic old house is just steps from the convent in the heart of Izamal. The beautiful high ceilings are... TY-005195

Price: $180,000 USD

The Dream House - Unbeatable location + Architects Blueprints

This is your grand opportunity to purchase a colonial property in the most sought after locations in the Center of... TY-005561

Price: $180,000 USD

One of a kind exquisite home with casita

This is an incredibly well kept, owner built home. Enjoy the amazing floor plan and pool while you rent out... TY-004712

Price: $189,000 USD

Beautiful Waterfront Beach Lots 161 meters deep - buy one or both!

Feel the ocean breeze in these two wonderful oceanfront lots that can be purchased together or separately. Each one has... TY-005446

Price: $190,000 USD

Downtown Offices - Remodel to Suit! C52 x 55

Here is a large amount of space in the heart of the Historic Center - suitable for offices, bodega or... TY-003606

Price: $195,000 USD

Quinta de los Suenos....charming Izamal home w. huge lot

In the center of Izamal on a quiet residential street close to the Parque de Los Canones. Spacious and open... TY-005153

Price: $195,000 USD

50 x 200 Meter Beach Lot, Dzilam!

Wild and beautiful lot with wide beach - some lagoon with causeway. 200 meters deep, road to beach and very,... TY-004423

Price: $199,000 USD

Close to Paseo Montejo and La Plancha! Perfect Townhome with Pool

Casa Mexique - a light-filled pied-a-terre architect-designed as a stunning downtown home! Featured in Ambientes design magazine, with lots of... TY-005207

Price: $199,000 USD

ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! MUST SELL Country Paradise 20 min south of Merida!

Incredible value with this just reduced country property. BUY FREE AND CLEAR IN YOUR OWN NAME! A beautiful, tranquil small... TY-005050

Price: $199,500 USD


This private and lovely ecological jungle lodge is nested in the middle of the Yucatan forest at an easy 20... TY-005381

Price: $199,500 USD

Land for sale in Chicxulub, ideal for shopping center!

Opportunity for developers and investors! Land for sale on the road to Chixulub Puerto. Very well located, near renowned commercial... TY-005501

Price: $199,500 USD

Oceanfront Luxury Condos, San Crisanto

ONLY FIVE UNITS REMAIN! Canadian builders offer brand new luxury condo development; now taking contracts -! Spacious oceanfront units with... TY-004739

Price: $199,900 USD

Villa in marina yucalpeten

Beautiful condominium in Marina Yucalpeten. Ready to move in, turn key 3 bedroom with bath terrace pool service room Clear... TY-005458

Price: $200,000 USD

Great Investment on the road to Chicxulub (Fishing Village)

This huge lot at the edge of the road Merida - Chicxulub Puerto (kilometer 23) just 8 kilometers from the... TY-004541

Price: $202,000 USD

2 Safe Homes in the same property!

Perfect location for this excellently maintained property in Telchac Puerto. Property includes 2 fully self contained, safe and well cared... TY-004473

Price: $205,000 USD

Be the king of this castle - Great location and perfect for business

Be the king of this castle with this beautiful colonial casona witrh great potential for business or home. Excellent location... TY-005236

Price: $205,000 USD

Spectacular brand new 4 Bedroom home in Dzitya

Seller is asking $3,800,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to changes according to international currency rates without further... TY-005231

Price: $205,000 USD

Colonial Santiago

Beautiful fully colonial house located on quiet street just a few blocks from the colorful park of Santiago. Excellent for... TY-005329

Price: $205,000 USD

In Santa Ana - Perfect Location!

In the heart of the Historic Center near the art galleries, museums, restaurant and markets! Floors to die for and... TY-001665

Price: $207,000 USD


The front room of this lovely old colonial in Centro is an internet café with 10 stations. Behind this thriving... TY-002140

Price: $210,000 USD

Large House In Buenavista - Single family or 3 Rental Units!

Very close to Paseo Montejo, but on a quiet street in a peaceful residential neighborhood. This big comfortable house has... TY-005158

Price: $210,000 USD

Rancho Chun Xan - 193 Hectares and Huge Lake Cenote!

197 hectares with cenote lake 130m wide - private road currently under construction for easy access. 1.5 km of frontage... TY-005246

Price: $210,000 USD


In a privileged location, close to shopping centers, schools, access roads and right in the center of urban growth, you'll... TY-005157

Price: $215,000 USD

Paradise beach front Villas in San Crisanto, giveaway price!

EAST SIDE VILLA AVAILABLE WEST SIDE VILLA SOLD INFORMATION • Excellent location in quiet and relaxed San Crisanto fishing village.... TY-005445

Price: $215,000 USD

Beautiful Residential lot in La Ceiba - Golf course Direct View!

Owner is asking $3,950,000.00 Mexican Pesos. Beautiful residential lot in the exclusive La Ceiba Golf Club. It measures in total... TY-005183

Price: $219,900 USD

Country Style / Large with Huge field and best price in Cholul.

Fantastic property located in the town of Cholul, just 8 blocks from its main plaza and 10 minutes from the... TY-004487

Price: $222,000 USD

Remodel to your taste in Colonia Mexico - A unique piece in an exclusive Area!

A magnificent property located in colonia Mexico, you can remodel it to your taste! Ideal for home or business and... TY-004843

Price: $225,000 USD

Bella Vista

A new one story home north of the city, in one of the sought-after area to live in peace, security... TY-003752

Price: $227,000 USD

Blue Lotus

This great property is a totally renovated and expanded historic home. Its many features can be used as a business... TY-003398

Price: $229,000 USD

Magnificent Oceanfront Five Bedroom Home, Chabihau!

Right on the ocean in Chabihau, you won't find a more desirable beachfront on the entire Yucatan coast, I have... TY-003454

Price: $229,000 USD

Enjoy swimming? 10 by 42 foot Lap Pool!

Completely renovated, cheerful, light and airy 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home in Santiago. Top quality restoration. Brand new restoration... TY-005422

Price: $229,000 USD

A spacious house with a BIG lot - Santiago

A spacious house with a lot of opportunity in Merida Centro / Santiago. More than 500 m2 of land with... TY-005564

Price: $229,000 USD

Modern home with huge lot, close to centro and avenida Itzaes

This stunning new renovation is located very close to Itzaes avenue. It is perfect for those seeking for a big... TY-005559

Price: $235,000 USD

La Ermita House, ready to Move in!

In the very quiet neighborhood of La Ermita is located this house, completely remodeled and with all the comforts of... TY-005448

Price: $237,000 USD

Beautiful House for sale in Col. San Ramon Norte

Beautiful house for sale in the prestigious area of San Ramón Norte, one of the most modern residential areas of... TY-005566

Price: $238,255 USD

Colonial with MAJOR possibilities – Great for Business or your own private mansion!

Magnificent corner property with great bones and great location in Merida Centro, a few blocks from San Juan Park and... TY-004934

Price: $239,000 USD

Casa Fargher, modern house in Cholul

Seller is asking $4,800,000 pesos "Casa Fargher" This modern house is situated in a low density residential zone in a... TY-004670

Price: $240,000 USD

Great Commercial Investment in Progreso

Excellent opportunity to invest in a commercial area in the Port of Progreso whose main attractions are: - The best... TY-003569

Price: $242,000 USD

Progreso Beach Lot - Just 40 meters from the Ocean

Great lot and great location, very close to the port of Progreso and all its amenities, and only 40 meters... TY-003733

Price: $242,000 USD

Pretty Hacienda Style

This house is located in a wonderful Merida area, built on a lot of 328 square meters has a perfect... TY-001983

Price: $247,000 USD

Dream Oasis in Centro - Beautifully restored & Great Location

Restored colonial home located in the area of Santiago. Preserving its authentic original details such as wooden doors, pasta tiles,... TY-005562

Price: $249,000 USD


In Chuburna, La Noria, a quiet neighborhood in the North of the city, is located this really big property -... TY-005062

Price: $249,000 USD

Hidden Beauty Near Mejorada - Merida Centro

Located near the Mejorada, and Chembech market, this old house, is considered a historical monument, it retains some elements such... TY-005328

Price: $249,000 USD

Casa Kokopeli Stunning Beachfront Turnkey Telchac

Casa Kokopeli is a stunning beachfront home located in the desired beach of Telchac. It has a wonderful layout which... TY-005413

Price: $249,000 USD

Custom Beachfront Home

New construction, custom three story home with amazing beachfront location and views. Four bedrooms with ensuite baths and additional bath... TY-005030

Price: $249,500 USD

Tropical Oasis, Chicxulub Beach Home

This beautiful tropical beach house is located in Chicxulub Puerto, one of the desirable beach communities to the east of... TY-005346

Price: $249,900 USD

Home on Huge Lot in Santiago!

The fix price of this property is $4,250,000 pesos MXN. Price in USD is subject to change according to international... TY-004286

Price: $250,000 USD

Modern Restoration steps from Paseo de Montejo

This unique house offers an artful blend of sleek lines, structural integrity and clean aesthetic, structures work together to showcase... TY-004641

Price: $250,000 USD

Temozon Norte/ Large Land of 1500 m2.

The main features of this property are: Unbeatable location and excellent value to build your splendid residence or apartments to... TY-005091

Price: $253,900 USD

Huge Lot with House to Remodel close to Santiago

This property with a huge lot located near Santiago neighborhhod is a magnificent opportunity to invest in this beautiful city... TY-005440

Price: $255,000 USD

House on main street in Barrio de San Juan

Colonial house to remodel with ample land on a main street in Barrio de San Juan. Very close to the... TY-005576

Price: $255,701 USD

Never seen before commercial opportunity

The perfect opportunity all investors were waiting for. Located in the city of Peto, south-east of the beautiful state of... TY-003390

Price: $256,000 USD

Thinking about a commercial opportunity in North Merida?

Attention investors, this is the opportunity you were waiting to transport and / or locate your business in a strategic... TY-003334

Price: $262,000 USD

House of the Virgin, Close to Santa Ana and Paseo Montejo

Newly remodeled 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, and with new plumbing and electric. Large kitchen for the gourmet chef. This... TY-001931

Price: $265,000 USD

Hotel Calcehtok

This cute little ecological hotel and restaurant consists of 6 cabanas for the guests, 4 which are completely furnished and... TY-001110

Price: $269,000 USD

The best corner in town!

Location, location.. 6,700sq ft corner lot, with 130ft+ frontage facing the old ex convent and a small colonial structure as... TY-004237

Price: $270,500 USD

Cocktails on the Beach!

This beautiful home is just 25 miles north of Merida and 8 miles west of Progreso. Right on the beach... TY-001819

Price: $275,000 USD

Eco-home...Totally Unique! Live Green!

This home is a truly amazing example of how we CAN live in harmony with nature - even in the... TY-003203

Price: $275,000 USD

Cathedral View -Furnished Remodeled Duplex

Duplex + Income Located just two blocks from the historic center of Merida, this beautiful property has 4 bedrooms with... TY-003251

Price: $275,000 USD

Exclusive home in Gated Community Privada las Palmas

Seller is asking $5,200,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without further... TY-005424

Price: $275,000 USD

Exclusive home in Gated Community Privada las Palmas

Seller is asking $5,200,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without further... TY-005432

Price: $275,000 USD

Dreaming for a Boutique hotel, Santiago

Seller is asking $4,990,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates without previous... TY-005473

Price: $275,000 USD

Most Perfect Villa on the Most Perfect Beach!

This three bedroom three bath beach villa is the perfect vacation home or rental! The beach here is the best... TY-005600

Price: $279,000 USD

Land for sale in the Historic Center of Mérida

Land for sale in the heart of the Historic Center of the White City. Great opportunity, as there are very... TY-005570

Price: $279,500 USD

Coral Beach. Huge lot. and beautiful View!

Beautiful and with ample spaces this beachfront house of 21.5 meters front to the ocean by 60 deep, has two... TY-005408

Price: $280,000 USD

House Of The Angel - Close to Plaza Santa Ana

This 2 bed 2 1/2 bath beauty has been redone, and has all new plumbing and electric. With its large... TY-001929

Price: $285,000 USD

Beautiful house by the beach in Telchac Puerto

Seller has priced the property at 5,317,600.00 pesos and the price in dollars will adjust depending on the rate of... TY-005482

Price: $289,000 USD

House to remodel in Barrio de Santa Ana. Great location!

House to remodel in the prestigious neighborhood of Santa Ana. Great location! Close to the main tourist attractions of the... TY-005502

Price: $293,000 USD

Valladolid Terra Cotta....

This old Colonial red home has charming Spanish Colonial details. Its three connecting front rooms lead to two spacious rooms... TY-001404

Price: $295,000 USD

Top quality colonial-style in downtown

Stunning Colonial-style home in Centro, built from scratch with totally new everything! Two beautiful bedrooms each with custom designed and... TY-005268

Price: $299,000 USD

IZAMAL....Great Property !!!!! Option One

Option One: Great house, large lot and great Izamal! This property could be yours with listing TY-2966 for the price... TY-002964

Price: $299,500 USD

Great Location in Santa Ana - with a Garage!

This two story older home has totally new wiring and plumbing and - rare in Centro- a garage! The owner... TY-005480

Price: $299,900 USD

Large Old House for Offices or Bodega

Total remodel necessary to make this abandoned commercial space into exactly what you need - offices, bodegas etc. Great location... TY-003607

Price: $300,000 USD

Hotel for sale in Telchac Puerto!

Hotel for sale in Telchac Puerto, just a few steps away from the beautiful beach of this booming touristic port.... TY-005511

Price: $309,245 USD

Classic Beauty at north Merida

Traditional style combined with modern style characterizing the properties in the north of the city. This property in a great... TY-003776

Price: $312,000 USD

La Haciendita - Large land, fish farming, orchard

Owner asking: $ 6'200,000 MXN Beautiful country house located a few minutes from the city of Merida, very close to... TY-005244

Price: $312,221 USD

CASA KAH ... Magnificent beach views & a house with everything!!

Great opportunity to have your dream house on the beach, you just have to bring your bags !!!! Excellent investment,... TY-005202

Price: $315,000 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 5,000 m2 exclusivity

Half a hectare of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20... TY-003672

Price: $316,000 USD

Beautifully Restored Colonial Home - Great location just a few blocks from Santiago Park

Beautifully restored historic home and with great location in the area of Santiago just a few blocks from the park.... TY-005595

Price: $319,000 USD


There are not many properties available facing the sea, less without construction and much less with 38 meters facing the... TY-005041

Price: $320,000 USD

Hacienda Multunkuc In Merida, less than 20 min from downtown!

Seller is asking $6,250,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to currency exchange rates without further... TY-005414

Price: $320,000 USD

Right on the Ocean! 3br Beachhouse Plus Two Bedroom Casita

Sparkling fresh, spotless and ready to move in! The main house is one story with three bedrooms and three baths,... TY-005467

Price: $325,000 USD


Totally remodeled and designed by Henry Ponce, this spacious home is situated on a 392.4 square meters lot with 446... TY-004369

Price: $330,000 USD

Tepakan - Fine Old 1890s Mansion Furnished w Antiques!

This magnificent old home has always been in the same family since built by the great grandfather in 1898. It... TY-004580

Price: $330,000 USD

Mexican Style Home in Centro looking for some TLC!

Excellent property and with great location on the popular Avenue Reforma. Close to the “Slow Food” market that has become... TY-005453

Price: $335,000 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 5,097.94 m2 exclusivity

5,097.94 m2 of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20 minutes... TY-003688

Price: $339,000 USD

Casa El Remanso, perfect location Santa Lucia

Stunning and move-in ready, three bedroom and three bathroom Colonial with unbeatable location and all 21st century amenities!. The house... TY-005399

Price: $339,000 USD

Contemporary home with garage in Santiago

Location, location! Just a few blocks from Santiago Square. This lovely modern home, built a few years ago to US... TY-005539

Price: $339,000 USD

Excusive! Incredible El Cuyo Beach Lots - 100m x 300+m

*First three of ten available now Under Contract! Seven remain at this special price! Virgin white sand and emerald water... TY-005395

Price: $340,000 USD

Great Itzimna Home w. Beautiful Arch. Detail - BIG LOT!

With more than 600 m2 of land this house is ready to be renovated. Use it as you wish as... TY-005175

Price: $345,000 USD

Dream beachfront lot in San Crisanto

This is a beautiful 18.55 meters beachfront lot located in San Crisanto, one of the bests parts of the Gulf... TY-003858

Price: $349,000 USD


OPPORTUNITY IN IZAMAL Generously developed 3 bedroom home in Izamal, in a hard to beat location, conveniently located 6 blocks... TY-004404

Price: $349,000 USD

Turn key Santa Lucia Colonial Beauty, spectacular location

This luxurious house is located in the most desirable Barrio de Santa Lucia in Centro just a short walk from... TY-005469

Price: $349,000 USD

Spacious one level house in Col. Montes de Amé

Spacious one level house in one of the best located areas of Merida Yucatan. The house is ideal for families... TY-005572

Price: $349,297 USD


A "turn key" with an array of nice features in lovely Izamal, an easy 50 minute drive from Merida. This... TY-004320

Price: $349,500 USD

Contemporary and well located - north of Merida

Great location in one of the most popular areas in north of Merida, Montes de Ame. A few blocks from... TY-003773

Price: $356,000 USD

Location!!! Colonial House + two story Villa + guest bedroom and pool

Colonial house with high ceilings and beams, beautiful facade, in one of the most popular streets of the city, very... TY-004817

Price: $369,000 USD

La Valentina. / Very large, superb location!

This home has it all because it is semi-restored and has a huge yard and numerous bedrooms distributed throughout the... TY-004377

Price: $375,000 USD

Top Notch Amazing home in Santa Lucia

Specifications and ammenities: 2 Bedrooms + Studio (Studio could also be used as a third bedroom) 2 Bathrooms Interior courtyard... TY-005464

Price: $375,000 USD


GREAT LOCATION OPORTUNITY An old, stone walled home, with 15ft ceilings and a garden with century old trees is ..a... TY-005580

Price: $375,000 USD

Itzimna 28 Luxury Community Living, Only Two Left

ITZIMNA 28 LUXURY COMMUNITY LIVING, Only two left. 12 Unique residences consisting in 9 homes and 3 appartments perfectly distributed... TY-005434

Price: $376,300 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 6,000 square meters of exclusivity

6,134 square meters of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20... TY-003675

Price: $382,000 USD

Paseo de las Aves - 5,861 m2 exclusivity

5,861 m2 of irregular land on a totally private eco- development 10 minutes from the city of Merida, 20 minutes... TY-003687

Price: $387,000 USD

The enchanted house - an exquisite construction in the center of Merida

Beautiful property FOR SALE with a unique style and beautiful details, located in the heart of the city of Merida,... TY-005250

Price: $389,000 USD

Best bang for your buck – Impressive and Majestic Estate with unbeatable location in the city

They say you must never judge a book by its cover…This is definitely a property that is unimpressive by looking... TY-005514

Price: $389,000 USD

Santa Ana, Impressive Two Storey with Garage

Impressive Two Story Colonial with great outdoor space and a garage to park your car! Situated between Santa Lucia and... TY-005442

Price: $390,000 USD

Country Estate with Guesthouse...

Location - a quiet Maya village 12 km from Izamal and 30 min from Merida's Periferico. 1.5 acres of fruit... TY-001393

Price: $395,000 USD

El vitral-Esplendido ubicación para casas o negocio

Beautiful and charming House in ITZIMNÁ Elegant and Traditional Neighborhood with a particular lifestyle since it combines great Residences with... TY-004957

Price: $395,000 USD

Great Location and Style!

This big and well-cared for family home is steps from Prolongacion Montejo - definitely one of Merida's most sought-after areas... TY-001399

Price: $397,000 USD

Progreso - Perfect 5 Apartment Investment Steps From the Beach!

These perfect beach apartments are all comfortably furnished and completely equipped - each has kitchenette, private bath, A/C, high speed... TY-005232

Price: $399,000 USD

Casa K´iin - Prime location near Santiago & Ready to move in

Stunning restored colonial home in the heart of the center of the city, just a few blocks from beautiful Santiago... TY-005362

Price: $399,000 USD

Itzimna 28 Luxury Community Living, Only Two Left

ITZIMNA 28 LUXURY COMMUNITY LIVING, Only two left. 12 Unique residences consisting in 9 homes and 3 appartments perfectly distributed... TY-005433

Price: $399,000 USD

Casa Bandera, luxury home in Santiago with garage

Opportunity, reduced from $459,000 USD Modern colonial on a quiet street. Central location six blocks from Mercado Santiago. House features... TY-005398

Price: $399,500 USD

Merida's Piece of Heaven - Santa Ana Enchanted House

A true piece of heaven in the Historic Center of Merida, designed and remodeled by renowned Architect Victor Cruz. Great... TY-005394

Price: $399,999 USD

Great Investment Property in Conkal - 6 Hectares

Great investment property, located in the Municipality of Conkal. Just 1.5 Kilometers North-East of this town. With good access road... TY-004832

Price: $403,900 USD

Casa Xolotl, architectural masterpiece in Santiago

NO SHOWINGS AVAILABLE UNTIL 15TH OF APRIL 2020, HOUSE RENTED Casa Xolotl has gotten the attention of numerous websites that... TY-005314

Price: $409,000 USD

Amazing Montecristo Villa

Amazing Italian Villa in Merida Norte. This house 85% remodeled (20 year old home) in 2018/2019, with 5kw solar panel... TY-005323

Price: $410,000 USD

Truly convenient apartment on the East side

INCREDIBLE VALUE AT A GREAT LOCATION Truly convenient apartment on the town's East side. This 2 bedroom/1bathroom smaller apartment with... TY-005304

Price: $420,000 MXN

Casa Kahlo brand new centro home with Garage

Casa Kahlo. Just minutes from the most desirable city spots is a stunning new home. Our latest offering is a... TY-005305

Price: $425,000 USD

Villa Rosa, Downtown architectural Jewel in Santa Ana

Featured in Architectural Digest, Revista Ambientes and also published in other important media, Villa Rosa is the best example of... TY-005507

Price: $425,000 USD

Land for sale in Chixulub Puerto in excellent commercial area!

Attention investors! Land for sale in excellent commercial area of Chixulub Puerto. Located on the main avenue and just 3... TY-005544

Price: $441,760 USD

A Once in a Lifetime opportunity

Yucatan's explosive growth and especially Merida's boom, has created a unique opportunity in offering this INDUSTRIAL PLANT on the road... TY-001758

Price: $445,000 USD

Old Colonial on La Candelaria Square, Valladolid,

In the colonial city of Valladolid on one of the pretiest cental squares. Valladolid is in tcenter of the state... TY-004931

Price: $449,500 USD

Mexican Style in Montebello

Beautiful Mexican style modern residential home whose construction of 672 m2 on two levels is sitting on a magnificent lot... TY-003938

Price: $457,000 USD

Col. Mexico! Spacious house in excellent location.

Spacious house located in a corner in Col. México. In one of the best areas of the city due to... TY-005581

Price: $474,956 USD

Colonial Home with Rental Apartments

Colonial Home with Rental Apartments Located just a few steps from the Malecon of Progreso, this property has an area... TY-004001

Price: $495,000 USD

Famous Beach-Front Restaurant/Bar

RARE COMMERCIAL BEACHFRONT OPPORTUNITY! Well Established Sports Bar and Restaurant is located in the best area of Chelem. Known for... TY-004711

Price: $495,000 USD

Luna Lunera Chelem, paradise beachfront, multipurpose

Excellent opportunity to acquire a large multi-purpose property, commercial or residential facing to the emerald coast of Chelem The property... TY-005279

Price: $499,000 USD

Bougainvillea-Walled Private Villa, Stables on 2 Acres, Izamal

Set on three-quarters of a block in a quiet back street in Izamal, Quinta Gloria has high walls protected by... TY-005099

Price: $499,500 USD

For Romantics Only! Hacienda Sacnicte, close to Merida

Yes, this is waiting for the romantic in you.....everything remains to be done, but what potential! Very close to Merida... TY-004877

Price: $500,000 USD

Casona Las Grullas - Exquisite and tasteful in Barrio Santiago

Casona “Las Grullas” is a magnificent renovation in barrio Santiago, carefully designed to preserve its colonial details, with an avant-garde... TY-005436

Price: $500,000 USD

Great Location - Perfect for your Business or Dream Home

Great property with potential for business in Gineres Garcia, near a large commercial area of the city, Avenue Itzaes and... TY-002765

Price: $512,000 USD

Beautiful house facing the sea in San Benito

Beautiful house facing the sea on the beautiful beach of San Benito. The house is spacious, modernist style, with excellent... TY-005497

Price: $540,000 USD

Restored Colonial Gem

Gorgeous retreat in Valladolid! Beautiful and unique retreat, just a few blocks from the main square and a short stroll... TY-003986

Price: $550,000 USD

House to remodel near Paseo Montejo!

House to remodel in Merida Centro, very close to Paseo Montejo. The land is quite big and the location is... TY-005504

Price: $550,717 USD

Oceanfront Paradise in Chicxulub, perfect for a Bed and Breakfast

Celebrating the luxury of oceanfront living, this one-of-a-kind estate highlights a phenomenal pool, with a built in table and a... TY-004698

Price: $560,000 USD

Biggest commercial lot in Izamal Centro!

This huge lot is the largest, fully enclosed (walled) commercial lot in Izamal centro. It has been used for a... TY-005217

Price: $579,000 USD

Famous Izamal B+B - Lush, Tropical, Profitable!

Well-known and established B+B in the beautiful "Pueblo Magico", Izamal, TOP-RATED on Trip Adviser! Set amidst a lush torpical jungle... TY-002969

Price: $585,000 USD

340 Hectare Rancho Close to Izamal

Lush land, w approx 20 hectares irrigated in Taiwán grass. Corrals, pasture fenced with Maya drystone walls and/or barbed wire.... TY-004185

Price: $591,000 USD

Property lots12x40m

There are 3 lots together each one with 12 x 40 with its separate deed The location is on the... TY-004716

Price: $600,000 MXN

Beautiful Colonial House a few streets from the Cathedral

Beautiful Colonial House a few streets from the Cathedral of La Ciudad Blanca. Excellently located, on one of the main... TY-005573

Price: $600,959 USD

Colonial house to remodel in an unbeatable location in the Historic Center

Colonial style house to remodel with large land in an unbeatable location in the Historic Center of Mérida. The property... TY-005574

Price: $664,437 USD

Casa Los Mil Amores, Ancient and Modern

This grand old Colonial home with beautiful antique woodwork, high ceilings and lovely old pasta tile floors, lovingly restored throughout... TY-005067

Price: $675,000 USD

Hacienda Pachul - on the Way to Celestun!

Over 100 years old and built of solid rock, with high ceilings and much beautiful new construction, San Jose Pachul... TY-004816

Price: $695,000 USD

Casa El Jaguar - An exclusive and Luxurious piece

Casa El Jaguar is a true example of luxury, opulence and good taste, like few properties in Merida can be... TY-005113

Price: $699,000 USD

Land for Sudivision with Project, Valladolid

INVESTORS WANTED Great opportunity for housing development. Join the up and coming Valladolid market: 531 unit housing project ready to... TY-001364

Price: $700,000 USD

Popular Boutique B+B - Lifestyle plus Great Income on Celestun Beach

Top rated by TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet! With steady year-round business, this meticulously maintained B+B is also a comfortable home... TY-004528

Price: $749,999 USD

Popular Boutique B+B - Lifestyle plus Great Income on Celestun Beach

Top rated by TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet! With steady year-round business, this meticulously maintained B+B is also a comfortable home... TY-004740

Price: $749,999 USD


Attention investors. You who are thinking of investing in Merida. This is your chance. Now that Merida is within the... TY-005082

Price: $750,000 USD


Walled rural compound in one hectare of land ( 2.4 acres) with electricity; sits in a corner between a paved... TY-005114

Price: $750,000 USD

Gateway to a dream!

Rare opportunity in Yucatan, situated 20km from Izamal, the pueblo magico, and 65km from Merida, the capital of Yucatan. A... TY-005125

Price: $750,000 USD


Big opportunity to develop 6 apartments facing to the beach, each one with 60.00m2 of construction. Finishing at your taste... TY-005351

Price: $750,000 USD

Top Rated Merida B&B, Historic Center!

Top rated on TRIVAGO, TRIP ADVISOR, BOOKING.COM - charming, well-located in the heart of the touristc part of the Historic... TY-005477

Price: $750,000 USD

2 Hectares for commercial and industrial use. On Road Progreso - Merida.

With the new project Free Zone or Franja Zone in the Port of Progreso that the state Executive presented for... TY-004745

Price: $757,000 USD

Great Original Casona with French Accent

Past July, Fortune magazine named Yucatan one of the top six best places to invest in the whole world…and what... TY-004734

Price: $800,000 USD

Exclusive Hacienda Home In the Heart of Merida

One of a kind - hundred year-old hacienda home with remarkably beautiful antique details. The home has been professionally restored... TY-004742

Price: $849,900 USD

Spectacular San Filemon Ranch! No Trust Required

This ranch located between two beautiful Yucatecan localities of great tradition: Mani (where there is a convent of the XVI... TY-005301

Price: $850,000 USD

Casa Yal'ma Ka'an - A one of a kind restoration piece

Beautiful and breathtaking home located in the heart of Merida Centro, between the hot spot areas of Santa Ana and... TY-005557

Price: $869,000 USD

Spectacular La Ceiba home, Palmas Double Lot

Spectacular residence on two large lots at the end of a private cul-de-sac in La Ceiba.. Soaring ceilings in entrance... TY-005280

Price: $894,900 USD

La Casa Verde of the White City!

"La Casa Verde" is a beautiful colonial-style house located in the best area of the Barrio de Santa Ana, just... TY-005503

Price: $895,000 USD

Mansion in Merida's centro

This is a big house it has three separate constructions in the same property, one of them is facing the... TY-005319

Price: $900,000 USD

Commercial Building - Huge lot on Main Avenue

Extraordinary administrative offices with storage and warehouse, with a lot area of ​​3379 m2 and a building area of ​​225... TY-003978

Price: $944,500 USD

Make Your Own Tequila! Agave Plantation + Cenote

Agave Ranch and Business with Cenote - opportunity of a lifetime on this 220 Hectare (550 Acre) ranch to maintain... TY-003705

Price: $995,000 USD

Prime Commercial Property

Commercial Investment property. Located in Kanasin, just off of Merida's periferico. This is one of the next areas around Merida... TY-003638

Price: $1,107,500 USD

HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! Hacienda Dzoyola, 1 km SE of Merida!

This beautiful restored hacienda is the perfect size and location for a family home - or for a boutique hotel!... TY-004297

Price: $1,150,000 USD

Magnificent Quinta, perfect investment for hosting social events

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Seller is asking $21,000,000 pesos. Price in american dollars is subject to change according to international currency rates... TY-005299

Price: $1,150,000 USD

Busy Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Merida!

Owner is willing to finance with 40% down and yearly payments of 30% over a two year span and there... TY-003480

Price: $1,200,000 USD

Property land in North Merida

Property lot (1,200 m2) located in Ceiba II, a few minutes from the City of Merida This area will grow... TY-005045

Price: $1,200,000 MXN

Remarkable Work of Art on Park of Col. Mexico

This absolutely spectacular home is a one-of-a-kind artwork by international award winner Salvador Reyes and only recently finished after three... TY-003644

Price: $1,220,000 USD

Hacienda Truly Worth Restoring! Santa Maria Acu

A grand henequen hacienda with elegant Porfiriano architecture - five buildings set around three sides of a large open grassy... TY-005358

Price: $1,250,000 USD

La Marquesa - Queen of Merida's Historic Center

This magnificent home is located in Santa Ana, one of the most popular and best-located neighborhoods in all of historic... TY-005383

Price: $1,299,000 USD


PROBABLY THE LARGEST AVAILABLE HOTEL SITE IN HISTORICAL DOWNTOWN This outstanding property is located 2 blocks away from the city's... TY-004633

Price: $1,429,000 USD

Hacienda Kanyuyun-Historic Classic

Within twenty minutes of Merida's Periferico and ten minutes from Tixcocob, famous for its hammocks, this beautiful traditional hacienda is... TY-004949

Price: $1,500,000 USD

Oasis Beachfront Paradise - Huge Lot calling all investors

Huge lot completely away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located off the small fishing village of San... TY-003819

Price: $1,550,000 USD

Historic Hacienda Perfect for Home or Boutique Hotel! North Medrida

Your hacienda in Merida! Fabulous private home - the restored Casa Principal of historic Ex- hacienda XCumpich. This unique house... TY-004246

Price: $1,800,000 USD

On the way to Hunucma! - Big lot with many possibilities!!!

Superb piece of land in Hunucma. Near Sisal and on the road to Hunucma of 88.3 Hectares. Ideal land to... TY-004790

Price: $1,805,000 USD

Great Investment, Huge lot available in North Merida!

Check out this great Investment! Lot located 5 minutes from Periferico in Cholul, small city in North Merida. Lot Area... TY-003730

Price: $1,940,000 USD

Magnificent Hacienda Kininche- Home or B+B

This well-hidden, very private treasure is about 40 min. east of Merida. It has every amenity - historic Casa Principal... TY-002633

Price: $1,990,000 USD

Rancho X' Noc Ak

If you are looking South for country style active retirement on warmer climate, this can be your chance. Located just... TY-001682

Price: $2,000,000 USD

Hacienda Sac Nicte, Izamal

Magnificent fully-restored hacienda just outside the Pueblo Magico of Izamal, with 34 hectares. Ten bedrooms, 12 baths, ready to be... TY-004808

Price: $2,200,000 USD

20 hectares of pristine oceanfront land

Beautiful 20 hectare lot and 500 meters of absolute beach front located in Rio Lagartos west of Holbox; right next... TY-005548

Price: $2,200,000 USD

Hacienda K´iin - breathtaking and beautiful less than 1 hour from Merida

Hacienda K´iin is located 26 Km from the city of Merida and just 14 Km from the federal highway Merida-Cancun.... TY-005219

Price: $2,400,000 USD

Spectacular Restored Hacienda - Excellent Location

For hotel or private home, this one is ready for you to take where-ever you want to go. Located on... TY-001022

Price: $2,500,000 USD

Build Your Own Paradise in North Merida!

This 2.2 hectares of land located a couple of minutes outside of Merida is perfect for a wonderful big home... TY-002220

Price: $2,732,900 USD

Luxury Private Compound in Paradise!

This hacienda style estate is located only five blocks from the historic center and the convent, on the edge of... TY-005364

Price: $2,998,000 USD

Huge Price Reduction: Breathtaking Hacienda Chuntuac

Now offered at a new price! Hacienda San Antonio Chuntuac is a rare find; a beautifully restored, elegant and sophisticated... TY-003692

Price: $3,180,000 USD


Beautiful propery minutes away from Valladolid. Deep well, Electricity! 25 acres of irrigated grass land, corrals, warehouse, a big fruit... TY-002697

Price: $3,300,000 MXN


This large property measuring 12 hectareas or 120,000 square meters or 29.65 acres or even 1,291,669.25 square feet will make... TY-001780

Price: $3,407,000 USD

Hacienda San Jose Poniente - Paradise just 40 minutes from Merida

Your OWN private Hacienda. The very private place for peace and tranquility. Away from it all. Hacienda located between Merida... TY-003259

Price: $3,499,000 USD

Yuc-Mich: Two Hectare Country Estate Close to Progreso

This incredible property has never before been offered for sale; with 100m of frontage on the Merida-Progreso highway, the two... TY-003821

Price: $3,500,000 USD

The New HOTEL TELCHAC - Calling All Investors!

Telchac Puerto on the beautiful north coast of Yucatan is one of the fastest growing beach communities - just 45... TY-002235

Price: $3,707,000 USD

Hacienda Mina de Oro- the ONLY Old Hacienda Ruins at the Beach!

**Exclusive Listing** There were only ever TWO old haciendas built at the beach and one no longer exists! Mina de... TY-004418

Price: $3,900,000 USD

1200 Meters of Beach With Permit for Tourism, Marina etc

Almost all the coast between Santa Clara and Mina de Oro! 1200 meters, approx. 200 meters from beach to road... TY-004416

Price: $4,590,000 USD

1200 Meters Of Beach - Good Title and Use Permits!

Beach, Beach, Beach! 1.2 km of coast between Santa Clara and Dzilam offered at $65,000 pesos per linear meter, depth... TY-004405

Price: $4,600,000 USD

Exclusive Offering at El Cuyo Biosphere Preserve!

Wonderful beach investment on a small or large scale: 7 km. of pristine and secluded white-sand beach at El Cuyo,... TY-000812

Price: $35,000,000 USD